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Nicky Says...

“Speedy and easy to use, these tools take the stress out of styling. Whether it’s a quick blowdry or a more elaborate look, it’s simply easier to achieve with Sedu.”



About The Brand

As any hairdresser will tell you, no matter how adept you are at styling hair, without the right tools and accessories, achieving the desired look is nigh on impossible. Sedu empowers you to create every style conceivable with professional tools that are cleverly designed for ease of use. Salon-quality features set them apart from other accessories, like optional Ionic technology to vary the finish of your blowdry and the iron’s floating plates to make both curling and straightening less fiddly. Exclusive to Space NK in the UK, both the Revolution 1 Iron and Hairdryer come with a two-year warranty.

Behind The Brand

Launched in 2004, hair appliance expert, Dennis Huang created Sedu in answer to the dissatisfaction of top session and salon stylists with the hairdressing tools available to them. That insight into the demands of a stylist, coupled with state-of-the-art technology and the latest scientific advances made Sedu what it is today – a superior collection that withstands every styling challenge. A highly coveted collection, Sedu is now ranked among the top professional styling tool brands.

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