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How To Find Your Signature Summer Scent

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Photographer: Emma Palmer

A change in season is the perfect excuse for a switch up – particularly when it comes to fragrance. The warmer weather lends itself to lightweight scents and fresher notes, as well as something that wears well. If you’re a fragrance novice, we’ve asked the experts to answer some of the most common scent questions. Read on to uncover some insider tips on how to find ‘the one’ this summer…


Which Notes Work Best In Summer?

Fresher, brighter and lighter are three words likely to spring to mind when you’re contemplating a summer scent. “Often this will take you to towards something citrusy or fresh,” says Alex Goddard, Acqua di Parma’s training manager. 

However, you might also veer towards light florals and petal blossoms, Perfumer Jo Malone and founder of Jo Loves suggests as they are clean and refreshing. “Masculine colognes with notes such as lime, grapefruit and pomelo are great in the heat too,” she adds. “They won’t give you a headache and they’ll float in the breeze.”

Those who like to tap into the trends might be enticed by ‘solar scents’.  “They’re literally meant to capture sunshine in a bottle and will include notes such as neroli and orange blossom,” says Suzy Nightingale, author at The Perfume Society

Should I Swap My EDP For An EDT?

“Eau de toilette versions of fragrances are generally lighter in character and therefore suited to warmer weather, but do be aware that the scent of your usual eau de parfum may have been slightly altered,” says Suzy. “Many houses will add an extra ‘fresher’ note of take away some of the base notes,” she adds.

“As eau de toilettes contain fresher ingredients like citrus or aromatic notes, they have a lower concentration,” says Alex. “This makes them feel fresh and easier to wear and the main reason why many prefer to change their fragrance strength in the summer or winter.” 

What Is A Cologne?

Often mistaken as a men’s fragrance, colognes are in fact unisex and the lightest formulation of fragrance, which makes them a good option for summer. “I like to keep mine in the fridge and dab on pulse points or decant into a spray bottle for humid weather,” says Suzy. 

In terms of notes, colognes are generally packed full of fresh citrus notes. However, with its Colonia collection, Acqua di Parma has broadened the offering. “There is a Colonia for every taste and mood, from the green outdoor freshness of Colonia Club to the woody freshness of Colonia Essenza,” says Alex.


What Is The Best Way To Apply Fragrance?

For the biggest perfume payoff, always apply it to areas of your body where there is strong circulation and warmth like the backs of the wrists, on the throat, behind the ears and knees and inside the elbows. 

How Can I Make My Fragrance Last Longer In Summer?

Warmer weather can mean your perfume will evaporate quicker, so it’s a good idea to consider alternative ways to wear your fragrance. Layering products, such as a scented body lotion can really help. Make sure it’s a scent that compliments your chosen fragrance, so they won’t be in competition. Hydrated skin also holds fragrance for longer, so don’t be tempted to skip your post-shower body lotion.

You could also try a spritz of hair perfume (yes it’s a thing) for a long-lasting scent. They’re formulated with nourishing ingredients that can be used on your strands to not only scent but nourish too. Using your usual fragrance on your hair? We’d suggest stopping that immediately as it can cause damage and dryness due to the alcohol.

We also love Diptyque’s latest way to wear fragrance with their scented bracelets, which are perfect for summer. They use encapsulation technology to give off their subtle signature smells all day, so you don’t need to worry about reapplying.

What Are The Best New Summer Scents?

Traditionally we’re so used to having a good whiff of fragrances before choosing but buying online shouldn’t be off the cards. In fact, once you’ve chosen certain smells or notes you like, it can be really easy. “Try searching based on what scents you know you already like; whether that’s citrus or floral for example,” says Alex. 

If You Like Citrus Scents…

Look for notes such as grapefruit, lemon, orange and bergamot. Inspired by Jo’s family holiday to Thailand, Jo Loves’ NEW Mango Thai Lime is a great choice for anyone who’s had to miss their summer holiday this year. It’s both fresh and fruity, while the crisp lime notes really cut through heat. Spritz, close your eyes and you can almost feel the sand between your toes.

You could also try Diptyque’s Eau des Sens, which comes in a gorgeous limited-edition bottle this summer. The zesty top notes dry down to a spicy, woody base that is perfect for balmy summer evenings. 

If You Like Floral Fragrances…

Opt for white floral notes such as tuberose, magnolia, freesia and rose, which give a light and fresh aroma. Byredo’s NEW Casablanca Lily is a show-stopping, heady floral with tuberose and gardenia at its core. Honey, rosewood and carnation help to recreate the rich aromas you’d find roaming the night markets in Casablanca on a warm evening. 

For a fresher, lighter take on florals, Dipytyque’s Do Son is a real crowd-pleaser. With iris, rose and African orange flower gently paving the way to delicate musks and pink pepper, there is something incredibly relaxing about this perfume. 

Clean Reserve’s Blonde Rose is another one not to be overlooked, especially if you lean towards rose scents. Jasmine and peony are the perfect backing singers to rose and help give the note a fresh, delicate feel.


If You’re Intrigued By Solar Scents…

Try Tom Ford’s Soleil Blanc. The floral amber scent is like summer in a bottle and we guarantee that it will lift your mood almost instantly. 

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