7 Days Of Your Best Hair

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Whatever your hair type, preferred style or texture most of us dream of waking up every morning to a good hair day. However, a hectic week at work, a busy social diary or even a new Netflix addiction can see time running short for styling or salon appointments. Thankfully, with a few simple tips and good habits you can keep your hair looking its best every day of the week.

Day 1: Sunday Good Hair Routine

Each week your hair is subjected to a lot of different stressors including heat styling and environmental damage such as wind, humidity and UV damage. There are also the physical stressors to consider, whether it’s tying your hair up, regular gym going or constant brushing. Thankfully, Sundays mark the perfect opportunity to indulge in a little TLC for your hair. When you’re winding down in front of the TV or as you’re opening up your calendar to look at the week ahead, make the most of the extra down time by using a hair mask or treatment at the same time.

After a busy week consider what your hair is after; if they’re feeling dry with frazzled ends, try an intensive conditioning mask like Windle & Moodie’s Intensive Treatment Masque or if your colour is looking a little lacklustre, Oribe’s Masque For Beautiful Color adds a glossy finish and protects against fade. As you let the treatment work its magic, twist your hair into a high topknot or slick it into a low pony for fuss-free masking.

Day 2: Monday Good Hair Routine

Today you’ll be enjoying the benefits of your Sunday treatment so your hair should look and feel at it’s best with minimal effort required. To keep your hair in the best possible condition, reserve using heated tools for days you need a helping hand and instead leave it down or style-free, and embrace your natural texture and glossy, hydrated hair. Leaving your hair loose and natural will also help preserve the soft feel and healthy condition.

Day 3: Tuesday Good Hair Routine

After sleeping on your hair for two consecutive nights your natural volume and style will probably be a little flat, so loo to your curling wand to revive a two-day-old style. Starting with a heat protection spray like Bumble & Bumble’s Invisible Oil Heat/ UV Protective Primer, tong random sections of your hair all over to boost volume and add shape; pay close attention to the front sections of your hair as even running your wand through these areas can make an unstyled head of hair looked more pulled together and groomed. If your hair is looking flat on top use a fine-toothed comb to backcomb the roots gently to add lift. Finish with a lightweight hairspray like Briogeo’s Blossom & Bloom Ginseng + Biotin Volumizing Spray to keep everything in place.

Day 4: Wednesday Good Hair Routine

You’re well into the week now and depending on your hair type and levels of oiliness you’re probably in need of a deep clean. To prevent product build-up weighing down hair or leading to inflammation and irritation of the scalp, reach for a clarifying shampoo mid-week. Virtue’s Refreshing Purifying Shampoo has extracts of charcoal powder to help aid the removal of impurities, or try Boucleme’s Hydrating Hair Cleansing with a blend of nourishing oils that help protect hair from environmental damage and sea salt to help remove debris and increase blood circulation to the scalp.

Day 5: Thursday Good Hair Routine

Supporting your healthiest ever hair and replenishing it from within shouldn’t just be restricted to one day of the week, but marking it in your diary serves as a good reminder to take your supplements and check your supplies in case they’re running low. Many of the vital nutrients that support healthy skin, nails and hair can be lacking in our diets, and one of the easiest ways to strengthen hair in the long run is with a good quality supplement. We love the bespoke solutions created by Ouai with options to suit Dry, Oily and Thinning Hair or, for a good all-rounder, Dr David Jack’s Skin + Hair + Nails blend combines biotin, zinc, magnesium and vitamins C and E.

Day 6: Friday Good Hair Routine

Got that Friday feeling and want your hair to embrace the it too? Clever end of week hair styling should easily translate from desk to dancefloor or boardroom to sell-out supper club in a flash. A dry shampoo like IGK’s Direct Flight Multi-Tasking Dry Shampoo not only helps mop up excess oil it also helps texturise hair for added hold. Experiment with styles such as a classic ballet bun that looks chic in the office but can also be dressed up with a simple hair accessory or red lip at night. Or, why not try a loose braid that once undone at the end of a busy day leaves a beautiful natural wave that will stay in place until the early hours.

Day 7: Saturday Good Hair Routine

The start of the weekend is another good opportunity to reflect on your current hair routine. Depending on the condition of your hair you may be able to last another day before your next wash. However, if your scalp is feeling itchy or irritated or your hair feels like it needs a deep clean, start the day with an invigorating scalp treatment. Nourishing and protecting with a scrub like Christophe Robin’s Cleansing Purifying Scrub helps to purify the often-neglected skin on the scalp and encourage healthy new hair growth.

Saturday is also a good chance to consider the upcoming weather too. If it’s looking like a sunny day or week ahead, make sure you’re keeping your hair and scalp protected from UV rays with a lotion or spray like Ultrasun Daily UV Hair Protector. If things are cooling down and your ends are looking frazzled think about incorporating a conditioning cream or balm into your routine. Rossano Ferretti’s Brillante Protective and Shining Oil contains grape seed and cotton oil to keep hair feeling silky smooth.