Beauty To Workout With

Beauty To Workout With

January is the perfect time to kick-start your fitness regime and what better way to ease yourself back into the gym than by signing up to a brand-new class. We found out which fitness trends are set to stretch both body and mind for 2019 and the beauty essentials you’ll need to help you cross the finish line looking and feeling like your best self…

Class: HIIT Hybrid

Ideal for those who are tight on time, these high intensity interval training classes range between 30-45 minutes and involve short, sharp bursts of fitness and alternate between cardio and strength-training. If you hate the idea of exercise and long for it to be over the minute you’ve laced up your trainers, this is the class for you. Popular HIIT Hybrid classes to look out for in 2019 are HIIS (high intensity interval skipping), which is good for building stamina and endurance and Power or Rocket Yoga, ideal for core strength and increased flexibility. If you’ve been successful in this year’s marathon ballot or are training for a long-distance running challenge, both classes will be suit your training.

What to pack: If you’re squeezing this class in on your lunch break, time is of the essence. Remove makeup speedily with Patchology Clean AF Wipes. Loaded with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, these high-tech cleansing wipes effortlessly remove makeup and perspiration leaving skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and clean.

Beauty to workout with

When it comes to beauty essentials, a SLIP Skinny Silk Scrunchie is a must. These classes demand precision and focus and there’s no time for flicking hair out of eyes or re-doing ponytails in between stations.

Beauty to workout with

If you’re giving it your all, it’s likely you’ll perspire. Avoid unpleasant armpit odour with a couple of precautionary spritzes of Aesop Deodorant. Small enough to pop into your gym kit, this unisex gym-class hero contains only natural botanicals, including witchhazel, vetiver root and active ingredient zinc, known for neutralising and reducing underarm odour.

Beauty to workout with

Class: Rowing

Move over spinning, rowing is set to be one of the most popular ways to get fit in 2019. If tightening up your upper arm area in time for summer dress season is high on your agenda this year, then look out for your nearest rowing studio. With a mix of strengthening and toning benefits for arms, legs and core, rowing is an invigorating way to burn calories and pump up the feel-good endorphins.

What to pack: Release tension and soothe tired muscles before post-workout aches set in with Mio Workout Wonder Muscle Gel. Made with cooling menthol, spearmint and cypress essential oils as well as arnica extract to ease aches, sprains, bruises and swelling, this soothing gel can be massaged into hard working legs, achy upper back, neck and shoulders to revitalise the body. Its invigorating fragrance will also freshen up a musty gym bag, so be sure to keep it in as a permanent resident.

Beauty to workout with

Class: DIY

You may have heard that staying in is the new going out, and 2019 is all about getting your health kicks from the comfort of your own home. Forget fighting over lockers and queuing for showers and instead strap on your wearable tech and follow the experts on YouTube. We love Yoga with Adriene but there are so many fantastic instructors out there, find someone that works for you. The new year will also see a new trend of at-home fitness taking over with immersive, virtual fitness experiences such as ClassPass Live and obe (Our Body Electric), which offer access to a wide variety of fitness classes that you can follow live from your front room. There really is no excuse!

What you’ll need: The joy of not having to leave the house is not having to pack your gym kit and haul it to and fro, however we suggest creating a focused, zen-like experience by spritzing your exercise matt and pulse points with Mio Liquid Yoga Space Spray. This ‘yoga in bottle’ formula includes lemon, lavender, cypress, chamomile and mandarin and is perfect for when you need an instant oasis of calm. Simply spray and breathe in deeply.

beauty to workout with

Another perk to that at-home workout is that you can indulge in a post-exercise soak. Load your bath with three handfuls of Ren Magnesium Booster Bath Salts, which helps to soothe the mind and relieve muscle tension fast.

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