Dry Styling


In addition to being a lifesaver for anyone facing busy days and late nights (as well as those of a, ahem, lazier persuasion), constant hair washing isn’t necessarily all it’s cracked up to be when it comes to the health of your hair. As well as stripping out colour pigments and natural oils it can sap shine and dehydrate your scalp leading to irritation and flakiness. Read on to discover the products you need to add to your kit, and your strands and schedule will thank us for it…

Shampoo In A Second

Dry shampoo has become a perennial in our hair care kits, and with good reason. Perfect for pepping up hair that’s looking greasy between washes, it’s particularly adept at imparting added texture and oomph into all styles too. Simply spray directly into the roots to mop up any oil, wait a minute or two and massage in with your fingers; we love Living Proof’s Healthy Hair Dry Shampoo for its virtually invisible formula. For a little extra volume work through hair the night before and sleep on it — the movement  of your hair on the pillow will help add body and oomph.

While powder formulas work well for speed and ease, over-zealous application can sometimes leave strands feeling chalky. Step up Ouai’s Dry Shampoo Foam, a textural innovation which means you can get that freshly washed feeling with zero residue and build up. Given the foam formula is a bit of a departure, it might take you a while to get the hang of it, but trust us, one squirt worked through hair as you would normal shampoo, and your mornings will be revolutionised. Even better, it comes in a travel size which means you can perk up flagging styles on the go.

Conditioner of A Kind

You may not be au fait with the concept of dry conditioners – yet – but get ready for them to infiltrate your regular routine, sharpish. Formulated with tiny conditioning molecules that don’t need the addition of water to activate them, simply mist through dry hair from mid lengths to ends to add instant softness, subtle shine and manageability – essentially everything you would expect from a conditioner but minus the H2O (and the hassle). Oribe’s Soft Dry Conditioner Spray is so fine and lightweight that it won’t weigh your hair down no matter how much you use.


Fringe Benefits

If you’re out of dry shampoo and want to extend the life of your blow dry without jumping in the shower or heading to the salon, then reach for a mousse; any that contain alcohol in their formula will deftly absorb any excess oil. To buy you and your hair some extra time, work one squirt through dry hair then blast with a hairdryer; if you want an ultra smooth finish use a round barrel brush to dry it in. It’s especially useful for fringes that have a tendency to go lank quicker than the rest of your hair.

Scent to Save You

If it’s got to that time of the week when you probably ought to wash your hair but can’t quite muster the energy, disguise day 2 (or 3 or 4) day old hair with a spritz of scent instead. As well as weaving a delicate veil of fragrance throughout your strands, Byredo’s Hair Perfumes add enough body to revive hair that’s looking flat or lacklustre. Gypsy Water is characterised by woody and citrus notes making it the perfect, potent choice to hide hair that’s less that fresh.