Everyday Self-Care Rituals


We’re all guilty of booking out our calendars, leaving us with little to no time to prioritise ourselves. Juggling work, family and friends has taken over and pampering has fallen by the wayside, however we can’t stress the value a bit of ‘me’ time can have and how it is possible to live your life at a 100MPH and still slot in several self-care practices throughout the day. Here’s how…

Make Cleansing A Moment

If washing your face first thing in the morning has become a rushed part of everyday life, stop right there! It’s time to shift perspective slightly and really honour those two minutes as your time to be kind to yourself. Opt for a luxurious balm or oil cleanser, rich in essential oils, such as Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm or Votary Rose Geranium & Apricot Cleansing Oil.

Work the cleanser between your hands to gently warm it up and take a second to close your eyes and breathe in the fragrance before gently massaging the product onto dry skin in small circular motions. Run a Votary Cotton Cleansing Cloth under hand-hot water and gently place over your face for a few seconds before removing the cleanser. Finish the moment by expressing three thoughts of gratitude out loud. 

How To Seek Out The Stillness

Whether your journey into the office involves wrangling kids into car seats, multiple school drops-offs, sweaty commutes or bumper-to-bumper traffic, this portion of the day can be highly stressful. Ease tensions and create a bubble of calm by taking a few seconds to re-group. There are a few go-to tools that you can keep in your handbag to help you do this. Spritz skin with Caudalie’s travel-size Beauty Elixir – a blend of rose, grape and rosemary, which tightens pores, hydrates and imbues skin with a fresh, dewy glow.

Alternatively, dab pulse points with Aromatherapy Associates Revive Roller Ball – a blend of oils, including neroli, juniper, grapefruit, mandarin, coconut and pine in a rollerball format that helps to re-energise, instil focus and inspire.

Soak Away Your Stresses

There’s nothing more soothing at the end of a busy day than letting go of everything that’s gone before and marking this turning point with a warm, cocooning bath. As you sink in, think of this moment as a fresh start and leave all your worries in the water. Herbivore’s Self Love Bath + Body Ritual Kit is the perfect post-work antidote and contains a nourishing Coconut Milk Bath Soak, Coco Rose Coconut Oil Body Polish to slough away dead skin and Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil to leave limbs silky soft.

To complete this calming atmosphere, why not light a scented candle and dim the lights. This is a tranquil space, so try to leave your phone in another room and allow yourself the chance to completely switch off without distraction. 

How To Ease Tension

Constant conversation and changing facial expressions can cause a lot of strain and stress in our facial muscles, particularly around the brow bone and jaw line. Take a few moments before you get into bed to ease away this tension in your face by gently massaging your night cream or face oil into skin.

Place your ring and middle finger on both hands at the centre of your forehead, where your eyebrows almost meet, and apply pressure to that spot for two seconds before firmly pressing the fingers downwards in a firm patting motion all the way to the ends of your brows. Repeat this process three times. Use a facial roller, such as Herbivore’s Jade Roller, to help alleviate jaw tension. Start at the base of the jawline and roll down towards your chest in singular strokes, this will also help drain away any trapped toxins. Our heads and scalps also hold a lot of tension, treat yourself to a mini scalp massage with Briogeo’s Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager – simply hold the massager in the palm of your hand and gently press the rubber tips to the scalp with medium pressure and massage in small, circular motions.