Expert Hair Care Tips

expert hair tips

Starting your day with beautiful-looking, silky-feeling hair is an instant confidence booster, which is why no matter your texture or preferred style it’s likely you’ll want to pick up a few expert tips to help you get your best locks yet. If your diary or bank balance are holding you back from a weekly trip to the hairdressers, then take note of these pro-tips on caring for your hair at home…

Expert Hair Wash & Prep Tips

Britta Cox, Founder of Aquis

‘Hair loses 60% of its strength when wet, due to keratin proteins absorbing water, which causes the strand to swell and leads to frizz and breakages. To help it out of its vulnerable state, I always advise to dry as soon as possible after bathing. The best advice to prevent damage and minimise water fatigue is to wrap your hair in a turban like Aquis’ to wick away water faster and leave it smooth and tangle free.’

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leonor greyl pre shampoo treatment oil

Caroline Greyl, President of Leonor Greyl

‘It’s essential to always brush your hair when it’s dry, before applying shampoo. Washing your hair when it is full of knots will simply create more and make it harder to untangle once you’re finished. If your hair is naturally quite dry or if you use plenty of product, apply oil to the length and ends before washing for a more manageable and glossier finish and to avoid tangles.’

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Christophe Robin, French expert colourist and Founder

‘On Sunday evenings I advise brushing a nourishing oil through the hair with a natural bristle brush and leaving it on overnight. In the morning flip your head upside down in the shower and give yourself a head massage to activate blood circulation for a healthy scalp and hair.’

Try: Christophe Robin Moisturizing Hair Oil with Lavender

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boucleme curl conditioner

Expert Hair Styling Tips

Michele Scott-Lynch, curl expert and creator of Boucleme

‘To lessen the effects of damp weather on curly hair the best thing to do is boost levels of hydration to prevent fluff and frizz. For a bespoke treatment, try mixing together one-part Boucleme Curl Conditioner with your favourite hair oil and soak into your lengths as this will help lessen the porosity of the hair. I recommend applying this concoction to dry curls either the night before washing or for thirty minutes before you wash. This will help retain moisture and prevent frizz in wintery weather. For thicker or coarser hair, increase the proportion of oil used for maximum efficacy or if you have finer hair use slightly more conditioner.’

Try: Boucleme Curl Conditioner

Matthew Malin, Founder of Malin + Goetz

‘To create texture and shape that is long-lasting and matte, a hair pomade is the answer. It is extremely pliable so a little goes a very long way. Most people associate pomades with short hair, but really it’s suitable for all hair types and is particularly good at keeping long hair in place if you do a side parting. Want extra volume? Try massaging some into the root with your fingers for added lift and texture.’

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living proof

Expert Party Hair Tips

Michael Shaun Corby, global creative director for Living Proof

‘For an after-work party, I always advise my clients to use the PhD Styler and do a braid or twist at the top of their head to create a chic top-knot that’s suitable for both the office and a night out. It looks instantly dressed up and if you want to take it down later in the evening you’ll have an incredible wave and a Studio 54 vibe.’

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Nicole Pinto, Oribe UK national brand specialist

‘If you want to try a party updo, oodles of volume or a Debbie Harry punk look, a volumising powder is ideal. Add a few pumps to your roots and then lightly massage into the hair. To boost volume further you only need a few backcomb strokes to help create your shape, whether it’s a beehive, a quiff or for a simple but glamorous updo.’

Try: Oribe Swept Up Volume Powder Spray

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