How To Wear Colour

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Colour has always been deeply embedded into how we feel: seeing red, green with envy, having the blues; colour conveys emotion perfectly. The beauty world is rich with its symbolic use of colour too: the dark sultry facets of a smoky eye implies a little mystery, while a deep red lip is suggestive and confronting. In fact the colours that you see upon the catwalk are a perfect reflection of our times.

Karen Haller, Applied Colour Psychology Practitioner says, “You’re wearing colour as an accessory, and it is expressing how we feel to the outside world. We wear colour because on how we’re feeling or want to feel or how we want others to interact with and perceive us. That’s what colour is doing, it’s communicating all the time.” So for this autumn/winter season, what powers do the colours you choose to wear, hold?

Lip Service

Lipstick is a single bullet packed with many emotive and transformative powers. Bolder burgundies and reds instantly add a dash of daring, while dewy, nude tones will impart a little understated luxury: “Nudes are demure and playful and show a softer side to women. It all really depends on who you want to be that day or night and what story you are trying to tell to others when you walk in a room,” Lenny Royal, Lead Artist from Nars.

Try ILIA Colour block High Impact Lipstick in Amberlight for understated polish, or Nars Audacious Lip Palette, a collection inspired by the seven deadly sins that contains a range of colours that build from a soft and gentle nude to a bold plum.

The Eyes Have It

Metallic tones were awash on the catwalk this season, and add a perfect finale to your look that infers luxury and a little indulgence. To give eyes an edge of everyday luxury opt for flattering gold eyeshadow tones, while dark silvers or coppers meanwhile offer a dressier, more dramatic result. Playful tones in eyeliners will give you an instant statement with minimal effort.

Try Hourglass Scattered Light Eyeshadow in Foil for a decadent dazzle or Nars Larger than Life Eyeliner in Khao San Road for a flash of peacock-inspired fancifulness.