Your Career at Space NK

Space NK offers a beauty insider’s expert opinion on an edited selection of the finest specialist skincare, makeup, haircare and, fragrance from around the world.

Over the last decade, Space NK has acquired a devoted following of loyal customers. Our name is synonymous with impeccable customer service delivered by Beauty Advisors who know that all our products are selected for their quality and performance. We aim to deliver the highest possible level of customer care across all aspects of our business. A strong passion for the beauty and wellness market is key to ensure all our applicants maintain and build on our high level of customer care.

Previous retail experience in skincare or cosmetics is ideal, but not essential, as ongoing training and development are important aspects of the Space NK HR philosophy.

How To Apply for a Position With Us

We offer a range of roles in retail from Beauty Advisors, Makeup Artists and Skincare Specialists to store management. Our centrally located London Support Office houses the full spectrum of company roles from buying to e-commerce, marketing and creative. Our Distribution Centre is also centrally based.

Detailed below are the live opportunities that we currently have available. We also welcome speculative applications. If you are interested in working with us, please email your CV and cover letter (including salary expectations and notice period) in PDF format to Please state clearly the type of role that you are interested in.

Please note that we do not require the following information on your CV and/or cover letter:

  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Religion
  • Medical information
  • Family situation (e.g. if you have children, single parent etc)
  • Sexual orientation
  • Trade Union membership details

If you are offered a position with us, this information may be sought for Equal Opportunity purposes and checking the Right to Work. However, it is not required as part of the recruitment process.

If you are interested in applying for a role with us and have a health condition or disability, please let us know at interview stage and we will endeavour to support you with relevant adjustments.

Current Opportunities


We offer a range of roles from sales consultants to Store Management. For our latest opportunities, please see below or visit Indeed and LinkedIn.

Alternatively, we welcome speculative applications, so please email us your CV and covering letter which includes your salary expectation and notice period in a PDF format to Please state clearly the type of role that you are interested in.

Regional Manager


  • Nottingham - 17 hours
  • Brent Cross - 37.5 hours
  • Broadgate - 22.5 hours

Beauty Advisor

To deliver an exceptional level of “Luxury Therapy” customer service to all Space NK clients.


  • Chiswick - 13.5 hours
  • Stamford - 16 and 8 hours
  • Bristol - 15 hours
  • Leeds - 8 hours
  • Kensington - 11.5 hours
  • South Molton Street - 16 hours
  • Canary Wharf - 16 hours (Maternity cover)
  • Broadgate Circle - 15 hours
  • Beaconsfield - 15 hours (Maternity cover)
  • Bournemouth - 10 hours
  • Primrose Hill - 15 hours
  • Harrogate - 16 hours
  • Harrogate - 8 hours
  • Stamford -  16 hours
  • Stamford -  8 hours
  • Regents Street -  8 hours
  • Parsons Green -  10 hours
  • Wimbledon - 10 hours (FTC)
  • South Molton Street - 16 hours
  • Winchester - 12 hours
  • Spitafields - 15 hours
  • Kings Road - 22 hours
  • Cribbs Causeway Bristol - 10 hours
  • Donegal Square - 8 hours
  • Muswell Hill - 6.5 hours
  • Guilford (Mat cover) - 12 hours
  • Bath (FTC) - 10 hours
  • York  - 8 hours



  • Covent Garden - 16 hours


To assist the management team in the delivery of the highest and most consistent standards of customer service.



Maternity Cover and Contract

Assistant Manager

To build, develop and assist in the management of a competent store team focused on delivering the highest levels of “Luxury Therapy” customer service. Plus, to simultaneously maintain the brand vision and exceed customer expectations.



Maternity Cover and Contract

Store Manager

To drive the sales and profitability of the store. To build, develop, and manage a competent store team focused on delivering the highest levels of “Luxury Therapy” customer service. Plus, to simultaneously maintain the brand vision and exceed customer expectations across all disciplines. To also work in daily collaboration with the store team to create a positive working environment.


  • Grafton Street - 37.5 hours
  • The Qube (FTC) - 37.5 hours
  • York - 37.5 hours
  • Bath - 37.5 hours


Our centrally based London office houses the full spectrum of support function roles. For our latest opportunities, please see below or visit LinkedIn.

Space NK are an equal opportunities employer.

  • Digital Content Assistant - 37.5 hours
  • Art Director (FTC 12 months) - 37.5 hours
  • Online Merchandiser - 37.5 hours
  • Junior Technical Project Manager - 37.5 hours
  • Senior Buyer - 37.5 hours 
  • Qlik Consultant - 37.5 hours
  • Senior Digital Marketing Manager - 37.5 hours
  • Digital Conten Assistant - 37.5 hours
  • Help Desk Specialist - 37.5 hours
  • Technology Security Lead - 37.5 hours
  • Forecasting and Capacity Planning Analyst (FTC) - 37.5 hours
  • Principle Data Lead 

Recruitment Agencies

How We Will Use Your Information

We will use the information you provide to us with your job application to help us process your application for the specific job you have applied for. If you apply speculatively we will process your application for the job/relevant business area that you detail within your email.

Please note that our current system does not use an automated filtering system.

All applications made via the website, through a third-party website or in-store will be kept on file for a period of 12 months. This information will be retained and used to assess your suitability to similar positions that may arise in the future, or if the initial vacancy becomes live again during the 12 month period. If you would prefer us to not hold your information on file/ you wish to be ‘forgotten’ if you are not offered a position with Space NK, please email your ‘right to be forgotten’ to using RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN as the title of the email. We will always inform you when we have deleted your application details., otherwise we will treat your application as consent to us holding this information.

UK Privacy Policy (Recruitment)

Gender Pay Gap


To Give You Some Context.....


• 725 employees

• 73 males

• 652 females

Within our Support Office and Distribution Centre

• 161 employees

• 58 males

• 103 females

Within our Retail Stores

• 563 employees (409 are part time)

• 14 males (9 are part time)

• 549 females

• 119 of females are Store Managers or Assistant Managers (21.6%)

• 4 of males are Store Managers or Assistant Managers (28.5%)

• 12 males (8 are part time – 67%)

  2017 2018
Totaly Employees 658 725
Males 62 73
Females 596 652
Support/DC 133 161
Males 50 58
Females 83 103
Retail 525 563
Males 12 14
Females 513 549

In summary:

  • We have more female employees within our stores.
  • We have more female employees within our Support Office functions.
  • The number of men in the business has increase din both retail and Support Office functions.
  • Our Support Office functions has more of a balance between men and women.
  • Our business is relatively small.
  • There are very few teams in our Support Office functions where individuals have the same job titles and perform the exact same role.
  • Where employees are performing the same job role they are paid equally and fairly, however we do take into consideration experience and current skill level.
  • We are committed to paying all our employees fairly no matter what their gender, nationality, religion, race, background or age and we believe that we do.

Gender Pay Gap 2017 vs 2018

  2017 2018 Variance % difference
Total Employees 658 725 +67 9%
Males 62 73 +11 1%
Females 596 652 +56 9%
Support/DC 133 161 +28 17%
Males 50 58 +8 14%
Females 83 103 +20 19%
Retail 525 563 +38 8%
Males 12 14 +2 14%
Females 513 549 +35 6%

In Summary:

  • We have more total employees vs 2017 - increasing our total headcount by 9%.
  • We have recruited more females than males in the past year.
  • We have recruitee more females into Support Office/DC roles within the past year.
  • We have recruited more men in the past year compared to the previous year (an extra 14%).

Where we have stayed the same:

  • In 2017 our female population in retail was 97% and this has stayed the same for 2018.

Where changes have occurred:

  • In 2017 our female population in Support/DC was 63%, this increased to 64% for 2018.
  • In 2017 our male population in Support/DC was 38%, this has decreased slightly to 36%.
  • In 2017 our male population in retail was 2%, this has increased slightly to 2.5%.

Gender Pay Gap Figures 2018

  Space NK 2018
Women's Hourly Rate Gap (mean) 47.9%
Women's Hourly Rate Gap (median) 16.9%
Top Quartile - Men 19.3%
Top Quartile - Women 80.7%
Upper Middle Quartile - Men 6.1%
Upper Middle Quartile - Women 93.9%
Lower Middle Quartile - Men 6.1%
Lower Middle Quartile - Women 93.9%
Lower Quartile - Men 9.7%
Lower Quartile - Women 90.3%
Women's bonus pay gap (mean) 86.3%
Women's bonus pay gap (median) 75.8%
Men that received bonus pay 74.0%
Women that received bonus pay 74.4%


  • We have decreased our mena gender pay gap by 5.5%.
  • We have created great career opportunities for women in the business.
  • We successfully focussed our attention on the recruitment of men within the business.
  • We are proud of our median gender pay of 16.9%, the difference being on £2.34 per hour (LY difference was £8.13 per hour).
  • We have also reduced our mean Gender Pay Gap to a difference of £12.20 per hour (LY difference was £15.44 per hour). We believe that our Mean and Median Gender Pay Gap is due to our retail population being made up of 97% females.
  • The % of men and women that earnt bonus was equalised (74%).
  • Our Senior Leadership Team (CFO, CEO, MD, Directors and Head's of) is made up of 44% males and 52% females.
  • We created 2 additional job roles at 'Head Of' Level within the Support Office and recruited across genders.
  • We do not discriminate against gender, always selecting the best person for the role whatever gender they define themselves as.