How Do You Do Natural Makeup?

Celebrities have been rocking up to red carpet events wearing the nude makeup look in recent months, but creating the ‘I woke up like this’ result can be trickier than you think. To perfect a barefaced finish that also appears flawless, you’ll need a few hero products and plenty of time to work on it. Read on to learn more if you’ve been wondering, “How do you do natural makeup?”


Before you even think about applying makeup, you could consider using a self-tanning treatment to give your complexion a touch of warmth, especially if you have very light skin. When you want a product that works with your natural skin colour, we love a light, sheer foundation that adds coverage without any caking. If you are already blessed with clear skin, a BB cream can do the job just as well, minimising any texture and smoothing your overall skin tone. Concealer needs to applied very carefully, so you can use a brush or dot it on with your fingertip to problem areas, then blend in completely.


A nude lip can still make a statement when worn as part of a natural face, but the last thing you want is chapped or flaking lips. Lip stains can look incredible as part of your day-to-day makeup, plus many also have hydrating formulas. A lipstick that’s designed to last is fine as long as you only apply a small amount to start with. As it wears off, a little pigment will remain to keep your lip appearing flushed. If you prefer lacquer, use it to create a polished finish on what can otherwise be a very laid-back look. As a general rule, go for a shade that’s no lighter than your skin tone and avoid cooler neutral tones if you like to wear a fuller mouth.


The windows to your soul don’t need too much work when it comes to the barely there look. If you’re lucky enough to have a very dark set of lashes or you use a lash dye, you could just use curlers for a better shape. Darker lashes may also benefit from a very light coating of mascara to add definition, while a brown shade can complement blonde lashes without standing out too much. As for brows, it’s all about avoiding that strong line, blending and simply filling in any gaps. Use a brow pencil to provide more shape if necessary and resist the urge to use any more product than you need.


When you’re shopping for a blusher to complete your fabulous natural look, you’ll get a great result from creamier formulas and colours that match the shade you’d normally ‘blush.’ The creamier a blusher, the less effort it takes to blend it in with the rest of your base, which saves you time and minimises the chance of a colour clash. The application is just the same as usual, so locate the fullest part of your cheek, then smooth it on where you’d like a little colour and blend for a subtle result.