Jo Loves Takeover

Looking for inspiration for friends and family this Christmas? Advice doesn’t come much better (or more expert) than Jo Malone, CBE, Founder of fragrance brand Jo Loves. To help you tick those people off your list this year, we enlisted her help. Here are her top five picks to plump for…


jo loves most wanted


Christmas Trees A Scented Candle

“I love the smell of fresh Christmas trees. The woody pine brings back all my childhood memories and this candle is totally the smell of Christmas Day for me.”


Pomelo Paintbrush Cracker

“I will be giving these to everybody on Christmas Day as a table gift. The Jo Loves Fragrance Paintbrush has literally captivated everybody’s imagination this year and it is the perfect stocking filler.”

jo loves most wanted
jo loves most wanted


Jo by Jo Loves Eau de Toilette

“This fragrance totally tells the story of my love of all the grapefruit notes that I have experienced over the last 25 years and I will be wearing it on Christmas Day.”



White Rose & Lemon Leaves Hand & Body Lotion

“This is a perfect luxury gift and I will be giving it to all of my girlfriends this Christmas. It’s scent is reminiscent of Norma Jeane White Roses weaved with fresh lemon leaves all the way through it – delicious but not heavy.”

jo loves most wanted
jo loves most wanted


Pomelo Travel Collection

“These are brilliant! With a lot of us travelling this Christmas, this is perfect to pop into a travel bag. The shampoo and conditioner is simply divine and leaves your hair lightly scented with clean citrus Pomelo.”