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Luna 3 Facial Cleansing Brush, Normal Skin

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Achieve thoroughly cleansed, smooth and soft skin with the Foreo Luna 3 Facial Cleansing Brush for Normal Skin, a hygienic, electronic cleansing device that works alongside an app to revolutionise and customise the daily skincare routine.

The Foreo Luna 3 is made from flexible silicone and features a larger head and softer and longer touchpoints than previous models. This allows for a deeper, gentler cleanse with coverage across the complexion. The Luna 3 harnesses some 8,000 T-Sonic™ pulsations per minute, using circular motions to purify the pores of excess sebum, dirt and makeup residue.

The Foreo Luna 3 Facial Cleansing Brush for Normal Skin has 16 intensities to ensure each cleansing routine is customisable depending upon mood and skincare need. It has up to 650 uses on a single charge and is completely waterproof.

Key Benefits

  • Waterproof and hygienic device to wake skin up
  • Soft silicone head and touchpoints gently remove dirt and impurities
  • Up to 8,000 pulsations per minute soothe the skin
  • Customisable cleansing experience with 16 intensities
  • Connects to app to create a unique skincare routine
  • Works for up to 650 uses per charge

SKU# UK300054516

  • • 1. Download the FOREO app.
  • • 2. Turn on LUNA 3 and connect to the app via Bluetooth.
  • • 3. Follow the instructions to select your cleansing preferences and firming massage routine.
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    FOREO’s range of devices will revolutionize your beauty regimen, combining T-Sonic technology with soft silicone bristles, each product purifies deep down while offering additional anti-aging benefits.


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    Location: Atlanta, GA

    Reviews: 1

    Gender: Female

    Recommends this product: Yes

    January 16 2023

    Luna 3 - normal skin

    The Luna 3 is *amazing*. I was in love with it after the very first use and I continue to be in love with it. You always wonder if the claims products make are really truly real - especially with things you can't exactly measure (is my face really 99.5% free of dirt? who knows - there's no way for me to verify this!), but I can say that based on what happens after I wash my face with the Luna 3, it's definitely true that my face is able to more efficiently absorb products - in the past, I would add my products and I assumed they were being absorbed somewhat, but I was more or less mixing the moisturizer with my serum when I put it on my face, as the serum was still basically ON my face - but now my serum absorbs so quickly that my face is basically clean when I go to put on my moisturizer - to the point where I'm using a bit more of both (would probably annoy me, except that I'm ok with the reason being that more is actually going INTO my skin and presumably doing more good than it ever did before). My face also feels incredibly smooth and silky directly after washing, even before putting on any products at all. Since the t-sonic technology dilating your pores temporarily is why products absorb better, I assume that it's also helping the bristles get at that 99.5% dirt ;-) hahaha, but who cares - the point is my face feels amazing and I can tell it's better utilizing the skin care I've been dishing out for all along! On top of the cleaning, the massages are quite nice - very relaxing. There are four routines in total: eyes, neck, something I can't remember and an all over one. I've settled on doing the eyes followed by the all over one. Again: too soon to tell if they are doing anything, but it's very relaxing and as they resemble the ancient gua sha techniques, I do believe over time they'll have a positive effect. I started out with just this Luna 3, but almost immediately decided to dive in and get the UFO and then the BEAR - my routines are now: AM - Luna 3 cleansing, UFO masking (very relaxing), Luna 3 massage (also relaxing!); PM - Luna 3 cleansing, Bear, UFO masking. That said, I think I'll be switching the AM and PM and ultimately probably doing the UFO only in the evenings. Whichever way - I'm loving it all and do think my face is seeing improvements. I'm 42 and have generally done a good basic job of skin care and do eat very clean, but have never really done anything 'extra', I don't even get facials ever (I don't particularly find it relaxing to have someone else get handsy with my face... hahah) - as a result my skin is more or less just fine, but starting to show lines and the beginnings of the dreaded jowls (reason I went all in), and while none of this has magically 100% reversed just by using any of this for a couple of weeks, I do see the fine lines are somewhat less apparent, and well - I hope any slight jowling does in fact disappear! Bottom line: highly recommend the Luna 3! It's probably the one product I would most recommend if you can only afford one, actually. If you are having trouble deciding between the different versions of the products, Luna or otherwise, do know there are a ton of very detailed reviews out in the www which tend to provide great info that will help you decide.


    Location: Ontario, Canada

    Reviews: 1

    Gender: Female

    Recommends this product: Yes

    January 15 2023

    The app is what blows it here...

    This is my second Luna product (started with a mini and after using that for more than a decade finally upgraded to a full size Luna) and absolutely LOVE it! As much as I loved the mini, I wish I would've moved to the Luna a lot sooner! My skin looks fantastic and have even received multiple compliments from coworkers (who see me every day) on how good my skin looks! The reason why I only gave it 4 stars is because the app is terrible. In theory, it's a great idea, but in reality its not very practical. If you want to adjust the timing/intensity of the unit you need to facilitate that through the app. But the unit also has to be on in order to access it through the app (somewhat inconvenient). You're also required to use the app if you would like to use any of the massage functionalities. However if I'm using my Luna, there's a pretty good chance I'm in the shower and the app (which is obviously on my phone) isn't in there with me. And from what I can tell there also isn't a way to turn the unit on 'travel mode' (which the mini had) so it doesn't accidentally turn on in your suitcase when packed. If there isn't going to be a way to engage that setting on the unit itself it should at least be an option within the app. But regardless of my distaste for the app I would recommend a Luna to anyone! Worth the annoyance of dealing with that app to have your skin look this good! <3


    Reviews: 1

    January 14 2023

    Not impressed

    After a frustrating two weeks of installing and deleting the App, I have given up and will be returning the device. I was excited to try the Luna 3, but attempting to set the device up with the App is impossible. It was incredibly disappointed for the price I spent and I won't ever buy another item from FOREO.


    Location: Oxford

    Reviews: 1

    Gender: Female

    Recommends this product: Yes

    December 31 2022


    This was a Christmas present for my husband (we bought Foreos to each other this year on Christmas!) he’s super happy his skin looks great. Highly recommended

    Jacey H

    Location: UK

    Reviews: 1

    Gender: Female

    Recommends this product: Yes

    December 19 2022

    Great little machine, very gentle on the skin.

    Very happy with the Luna 3, very gentle on the skin, easy to clean after each use. The reason I knocked 1 star off is because of the packaging, it was packed in a big hard acrylic case, although it looks nice but the amount of plastic used in the packaging is obscene, I felt guilty after unpacking and throwing the case a way in the bin. And it's really difficult to open as well, there was no indicator on how/where to open it, and it's too hard to just randomly cut it open. Some instructions on how to set it up the first time would be helpful too. I tried turning on the machine after charging, and it didn't work. Later on I worked out that I have to register the device on an app to activate it first. Overall after getting through all the hassles of opening the package and setting up the device on an app, it works really well.

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