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ZARKO Handmade and bottled in Denmark, Zarko perfumes fuse classic French perfumery with stringent, Nordic molecular science to create a genuine delight for the senses.
The brand’s founder, Zarko Pavlov, has always dreamed of creating a fragrance that captures the climate, lifestyle and aesthetics of his native Scandinavia. He began by studying the fine art of fragrances and realised his dream by launching Zarko in 2008. Today, he is proud and humbled to be Denmark’s only practicing perfumer. He’s created six unique fragrances – each an individual love affair – that cleverly interact with the wearer’s skin.
Zarko perfumes interact with your own pheromones, body temperature, and specific surroundings, making you and your skin an active part of the fragrance. This deeply personal interaction between skin and scent creates an infinite number of highly sensual fragrances. Encapsulating the altruistic Scandinavian spirit of their founder, each is as unique and alluring as your individual identity and the fragrance you choose to wear at any occasion.