Looking Good In Pictures

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If you plan on seeing 2017 out in style we bring you the top 10 tricks to learn to gain some selfie respect and look good on screen. We caught up with our expert Pro Team for advice on the most flattering angles to master and the best blusher for avoiding bounce-back on camera…

Prime Time

The camera lens has a tendency to magnify imperfections, so make a good blurring primer the mainstay of your routine and it will act like an instant filter, reducing the appearance of enlarged pores and any visible redness. We love Cover FX Blurring Primer – a lightweight, soft-focus formula that helps gives an ultra-smoothed, airbrushed finish. Alternatively, Becca Backlight Priming Filter is made using crushed pearls and creates a lit-from-within luminosity.

Go Bold or Go Home

“Flash photography can sometimes wash out your makeup”, explains Ruby Peacock, Space NK Pro Artist. “Don’t be afraid to dial it up and go a little heavier than your usual everyday look.” Use an eyeshadow primer to ensure eyeshadow stays in place, and build up the colour gradient towards the outer corner of the eye for impact. A black or brown kohl pencil used along the upper and lower waterline helps to add definition and make eyes appear larger. A wash of blusher applied on the apples of cheeks is a great way to add life to your complexion.

Ready, Set, Go

“Setting powder is a must!” says Ruby. “Dusting your complexion after foundation helps to avoid shine bouncing back off the camera. The only watch out? Be mindful not to use anything too light reflective, opt for a translucent option like the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder.

Matchy Matchy

Sometimes our faces naturally appear paler than our chest, but this can also happen when you’ve applied fake tan ahead of a big night out. Ruby’s top tip is to always match your foundation to your chest and sweep your bronzer down towards your neck and décolletage after you’ve applied it to your face.

The Power Brow

Brows can really frame the eyes and add structure to the face, so if you want your face looking on form for your picture, it’s important to get them right first. Ruby suggests using two products to really enhance your brows. “I like to use a pencil to fill in any gaps, followed by a brow gel to tame and fix the brow in place,” says Ruby.

The Perfect Pout

Instead of trying to outline lips with a colour that matches your lipstick, create a fuller and more defined shape using a pencil that matches the natural tone of your mouth. This way, you’re less likely to have any mishaps but still achieve the perfect pout. Arif Khan, Space NK Pro Artist, reveals that the trick to the perfect pout is to say the word ‘prune’ just before you take a selfie. We’ve all tried it and it really does give you a beautiful, natural shape every time.

Fake It

False lashes really finish off an eye look and help to define and enlarge eyes for photographs. Ruby recommends teaming Battington Lashes Monroe 3D Silk Lashes with a smoky eye, and Hepburn Silk Lashes with a winged eyeliner.

Blue Steel

Lipsticks with a slightly blue tint will make your teeth appear whiter than in real life. Our favourite blue lipstick combination is Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor Lipstick with Lipstick Queen Hello Sailor Lip Gloss over the top.

Angle It

“When posing for pictures, remember two things,” advises Arif. “Chin down, camera up! Simply raise your phone slightly above your eye level and snap that selfie. This also makes your face more streamlined and sculpted.”

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