5 Ways To Keep Your Cool


Whether you’re facing intense heat abroad or enduring hot and humid temperatures on your morning commute, it’s time to up the ante on your usual beauty routine to keep you feeling cool, comfortable and relaxed. With the help of some quick and useful proven tricks, any surprise heatwaves or muggy days won’t throw you off this summer.

Keep Hair Under Control

The combination of sweat, rising temperatures and humidity can leave your hair frizzy and unruly. Make smart choices when it comes to finishing products but avoid the common mistake of overloading it with product; too much spray for example, will make it sticky and stiff to touch. Try Ouai Finishing Crème to get the hair under control without weighing it down. The best way to apply is to run through the lower lengths of the hair with fingertips.

keep your cool
keep your cool

Try A Cooling Mist

Not only are facial mists a must for a quick refresh of makeup and skin but cooled down in the fridge they add a further cooling effect and can instantly refresh the complexion. Their often-portable size also means they’re easy to keep in your handbag, makeup bag or in your desk drawer for an instant burst of refreshment whenever needed. Packed with heavenly-smelling botanicals they’re also handy when it comes to blitzing humid, stale air on your daily commute. Try Caudalie Summer Limited Edition Beauty Elixir, packed with soothing essential oils that tighten the pores, refresh the skin and boost radiance.

Use The Fridge

Make full use of your fridge to turbo charge and chill your products. Mists, eye creams, sheet masks and toning sticks will all benefit from being even cooler, helping to depuff and soothe hot, irritated skin even further. We love Ilia Cucumber Stick which tones the skin and eases any puff and retention that really show up when temperatures are high. The aloe vera and chicory root extracts also soothes any overheated skin from sunburn.

keep your cool
keep your cool

Try A Facial Roller

This is when jade rollers really come into their own, helping to depuff, tone and lift the skin. Rolling this cooling gadget over the skin boosts lymphatic drainage and detoxification of the skin. Keep it cool until you need it, then apply oil over the skin and run the roller over the skin for a soothing, non-clogging hydration application in hot weather. We love Herbivore’s Jade Roller.

Don’t Overload On The Base

The last thing you need when you’re sweating in the heat and humidity is lots of makeup, which will ultimately slide off and can even end up running and staining the collars of your clothes. Keep your base super light and non-clogging as your skin needs to breathe as much as possible and try to avoid full coverage, simply use a foundation to even out skin tone if you can. We love Chantecaille’s Just Skin Tinted Moisturiser for its lightweight formula that offers just enough coverage but feels featherlight on skin.

keep your cool