A Guide To Post-Summer Beauty


From daily sun exposure and air-conditioned offices to wearing sandals every day and swimming in salty sea water on our overseas holidays, summer can play serious havoc with our skin. It can be left looking and feeling dry while our complexion can look dull and lifeless – not to mention cracked lips and parched feet. With a new season looming (although we can but hope for a few last days of sun) read on to discover the best tips and tricks for reviving post-summer skin as well as our edit of moisture-boosting products…

Supercharge Your Skincare

UV rays can be very drying for your skin – as can air conditioning – so adding moisture to your skin is essential. Masks are a great way of restoring lost moisture as they provide a more intensive treatment when compared to your usual moisturiser. “For post-summer, I would recommend using the Hydrating Floral Mask as it contains 1,000 different micro and macro molecular weights of hyaluronic acid to deliver intense, thirst-quenching hydration and replenish lost moisture that occurs during the summer,” says brand founder, Tata Harper. “It’s perfect for nourishing your skin whether you’ve spent summer on the beach or in the office.”

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Dryness can also often mean dullness so calling in the help of vitamin C can also help. Dr Dennis Gross’ new C+ Collagen BioCellulose Brightening Treatment Mask is a hydrating sheet mask which works to not only give a powerful moisture hit but to also revive and brighten the skin thanks to its formula of vitamin C and amino acids.

A hydrating booster is another wise option since these can be added to your usual moisturiser for a more supercharged effect. Sarah Chapman’s Intense Hydrating Booster is packed with hyaluronic acid and not only enhances moisture levels, but it also works to soothe and repair which is ideal for irritated or even sunburnt faces.

How To Nourish Your Body

Treat your body in a similar way as you would your face and invest in a good moisturiser to keep skin looking and feeling its best. Ideally you should be applying a body moisturiser after showering to help lock in moisture and prevent dryness before it hits. Much like your face moisturiser, it is essential you choose a product packed with high-performing ingredients. “During the summer months, our skin is more prone to damage, so it needs an increased boost of moisture and nourishment,” explains Zoe Kelly, Co-Founder of Dr Roebuck’s.

“Our Top Stuff Ultra Hydrating Body Crème contains lots of hydrating ingredients to soothe dryness. The shea butter and macadamia oil help skin to feel soothed and provides deep hydration, whilst the white tea helps to neutralise free radical damage and combat ageing,” she adds. Other ingredients to look out for are aloe vera to soothe skin (particularly sunburn) and vitamin E which has excellent moisturising abilities and assists with skin cell restoration, again beneficial to those with sunburn.

Tend To Your Hands And Feet

Hands and feet are particularly prone to dryness (wearing sandals all summer exacerbates this) so require even more attention. “Feet age in exactly the same way as the face – the skin thins, the sub cutaneous fat layer is lost and the sweat glands reduce in effectiveness meaning that you need to reintroduce moisture to the skin of the feet,” explains brand founder and podiatrist, Margaret Dabbs.

“In warmer weather this can be further exacerbated, and we commonly see dehydrated, dry skin with cracks, hard skin and discoloured nails from over use of nail polish.” Sloughing off dead skin cells with a foot file or exfoliating scrub should be your first move before following with a foot lotion such as the Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion. It helps to visibly reduce hard skin build up whilst repairing cracked and dry skin thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Our hands pose a similar problem and are often the driest part of our body and the first to show visible signs of ageing. This is largely due to stripping our hands of moisture when we wash them several times a day. For this reason, hand lotions tend to have a much thicker consistency which is why we use different products on our hands than our face. The Ultimate Strength Hand Salve by Kiehl’s not only soothes and moisturises thanks to its blend of botanical oils and natural wax, it also provides glove-like protection to keep moisture locked in.

Look After Your Lips

Our lips are another area which are very susceptible to dryness as they do not contain any oil glands to help keep them moisturised. The skin here is very thin which also means they are sensitive to UV rays and can be easily sunburnt. Look for a balm with highly moisturising ingredients to keep chapped and cracked lips at bay. Kora Organics’ Noni Lip Treatment contains noni fruit extract and is rich in vitamins A, C and E as well as cupuacu butter and other antioxidants to keep lips hydrated and protected.