Beauty Myths Debunked

woman discovering how to debunk beauty myths

When it comes to beauty, rules are meant to be broken; just take a look at pioneering makeup artists Kevyn Aucoin and Troy Surratt who have created amazing new looks by stepping out of the box. Read on to discover the myths that are most definitely yours for the breaking . . .

1. Never Put Oil On Oily Skin

If you have oily or combination skin it might seem counterproductive to add more oil, but if you choose the right one it can help calm congestion and re-balance. Often the reason skin produces more oil is as a defence mechanism against a loss of moisture, so by applying a light oil to skin, you’re actually helping to both rebalance and control oil production.

Odacite Clogged Pores Serum Concentrate

We recommend lightweight blends, which will hydrate without clogging pores; try the all-natural Odacité collection of oil-serums which includes four ultra-light options. If you suffer from particularly congested areas, the ultra-gentle jojoba and lavender Clogged Pores Serum Concentrate will soothe redness and balance oil production.

2. Applying Eye Cream Should Be The Last Step In Your Skin Routine

If you apply eye cream at the end of your routine there’s a fair chance that your moisturiser, serum or oil will already have slipped into the delicate eye area, and will create a barrier that prevents your eye cream from doing its job. Heavier oils and creams can also cause the area to go puffy, so we recommend applying a dedicated eye cream right after cleansing to nourish the area and stop anything migrating that shouldn’t.

If you’re looking to fight the signs of ageing we recommend the retinol-based Dr Dennis Gross’s high-tech Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum. For an ultra-light, reviving option try Ren Active 7 Eye Gel which cools and awakens.

3. Sensitive Skin Cannot Tolerate Acid

Acids might sound scary – particularly for sensitive skin – but the latest technology ensures that even potent acid ingredients can be delivered safely onto the skin for great results without irritation. Sensitive skin usually has great results from using BHA or salicylic acid (as it’s commonly known) as it has a natural ability to calm reactive skin. Salicylic acid works deep down to dissolve debris within pores that can lead to blemishes.

Start by using a gently enriched product twice a week, building up to every other day and then each day if it suits your skin. Try Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil or Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel.

4. Never Pair A Strong Eye With A Bold Lip

We’ve seen bold eyes and lips featuring on famous faces all over the red carpet for the last couple of seasons, but you can make this look work just as well for evening cocktails. It’s all about balance, so ensure you choose colours that work well together – a blue eye shade and a bright red lip will have a retro eighties feel, whereas a silver, smoky eye will look sophisticated and modern with any bold lip shade.

If you do fancy a bright eye try keeping colour close to the lash line with a liner and pair with an eyeshadow in a neutral shade like brown, taupe or grey. With so much going on it’s important to keep the look sharp and clean, so make sure your lip colour looks precise and stays all day by anchoring it with liner.

5. Apply Your Eye Makeup Last

You’re probably in the habit of applying your makeup in a certain order (we certainly are) but it’s worth thinking about switching it up to get better results. We recommend applying eye makeup first because it’s easy to repair any mistakes without shadow fall-out affecting your base and concealer.

We like Laura Mercier Flat Eye Liner Brush as it can be used to push eye shadow into the lash line transforming any shadow into an eyeliner. To quickly get rid of eye shadow fall-out sweep a generous powder brush, like Delilah’s ultra-soft Large Powder Brush, around the eye area once your eye makeup is complete.

6. You Only Need One Shade Of Foundation

One shade of foundation applied heavily all over the face can look unnatural and mask-like, as the skin on your face isn’t all the same colour. Usually the centre of the face is lighter, while the perimeter can be a shade or two darker. It’s useful to have a couple of different shades of foundation so you can match the different areas for a flawless, invisible finish and the key is to make sure you thoroughly blend the shades together for an undetectable, perfect canvas.

ear Foundation

Choosing a lighter and darker shade also helps when it comes to different seasons; the skin is usually a little paler in the winter and darker in the summer, and you can custom blend a couple of shades together to match different parts of your face. We love the new Nars Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation, which comes in an array of shades and provides lasting, natural looking coverage.