Empowering Beauty Favourites

As International Women’s Day approaches, the team at Space NK HQ have been discussing the way beauty in our everyday lives helps to boost our confidence, lift our mood and empower us, both at home and in the workplace. While our product choices vary widely, it seems that each one of us has a ‘something special’ that we reach for time and again to pep us up when we’re feeling low, enhance our mood or help us feel invincible ahead of an important meeting. Join us as we discover the products that make our Space NK buyers and editors feel empowered…

Emma Simpson-Scott, Global Brand Communications Director

“As a mum of two who works full-time, the juggle is a daily challenge and I often need to look pulled together when I don’t always feel it. It’s difficult to choose only one product but I think it would have to be a combination of the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and Nars Dual Blush in Adoration. They both help me feel ready to take on the day whether I’m in the office or navigating a busy weekend schedule of activities with my children. When I apply my concealer I draw it on in a triangle with the right point down my cheek to disguise dark circles and then use sparingly for any redness or blemishes. With my blush it’s all about clever placement, I apply just above the cheekbone – I think it’s the easiest way to add a pop of colour and enliven my complexion even after a busy week.”

nars adoration
tan luxe wonder oil

Georgia Day, Head of Editorial & Content

“My go-to product whenever I feel like I need a little confidence boost is Tan-Luxe’s Wonder Oil. My friend Joanna who’s one of the brand’s co-founders told me how amazing it was before it launched, so I had my sights set firmly on it and it didn’t disappoint; I’ve been using it ever since. I love that it’s as fool-proof to apply as the rest of the Tan-Luxe line (the fat rollerball makes it easy to sweep across limbs), but also that it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and glowing, whereas most fake tan dries my skin out. It makes me feel empowered because, bottom line is that I just feel better about myself, not to mention braver and bolder with a bit of a tan, and in the depths of winter this is the best way I know how to get it. I’d always recommend using a tanning mitt to blend the oil into your skin but beyond that, because it’s colourless and generally a genius, transfer-free product, you can just apply and go!”

Hayley Grove, Senior Copy and Editorial Writer

“My go-to for an instant confidence boost is definitely a bright red lipstick. It signals that I’m putting on my game face and helps lift my mood so is perfect for before a big meeting. I’ve been using Lipstick Queen Sinner 90 Percent Pigment for a couple of years now, I love the way it feels creamy and comfortable to wear thanks to the jojoba oil but is also long-lasting, so I don’t have to keep reapplying. My top tip would be to prep your lips before wearing so you have a good base. First of all, I use a lip scrub to buff off any flakiness and at night I’ll slick on a balm to give me a smooth base for application. I never used to use a lip liner when I was younger but recently I’ve sworn by it to help grip my lipstick in place and define my vermillion border.”

makeup mixology
igk expensive hair oil

Felicity Padbury, Copy and Editorial Manager

“My hair is quite thick and has a natural wave, which can make styling it tricky. When I want to feel put-together ahead of a big work meeting, taking the time to style my hair instantly helps make me feel good and put me in a positive mindset. When I have time I love treating myself to salon blow dry but when I’m styling my hair at home, I swear by IGK’s Expensive Amla Oil Hi-Shine Topcoat. Not only does it make my hair look shinier it also helps to soften and seal in the cuticle which protects against heat and humidity and stops my hair going frizzy. I use it twice a week instead of conditioner and the application process is quite similar to a mask; apply a small blob throughout strands, massage it in and leaving for about 3 minutes and then rinse out. You can feel the difference straight away and my hair feels silkier and softer. It’s been a game-changer for my hair routine!”

Jini Sanassy, Head of PR

“I first bought De Mamiel’s Altitude Oil long before I joined Space NK and since then it’s become a firm favourite. I keep a bottle on my desk and use it a couple of times a day. When 3pm hits instead of reaching for the sweet treats I use this to give me an energy boost that will see me through the afternoon. I think it’s so important to maintain a good balance in life, no matter how busy you are and make sure you take time out for yourself. Though it’s designed with flying in mind, you can use it all year round to instantly clear your head, all you need to do is take a deep breath. Using this helps keep me focused and in a positive frame of mind so I feel I can tackle anything life throws at me.”

de mamiel altitude oil
diptyque eau de sens

Charlotte Clark, Copy and Editorial Writer

“The quickest way to perk myself up and make me feel like the best version of myself is with a spritz of fragrance. Perfume has such an amazing power to be able to both refresh and invigorate you totally effortlessly, making it the ideal companion for a busy week or when you’re feeling like you need a pick-me-up. One of my favourites at the moment is Diptqyue Eau des Sens, which is a delicious blend of citrus fruits and berries including orange blossom, patchouli and juniper berries. To me, it smells like a beautiful sunny holiday – which is never a bad thing if you need to be put in a good mood.”