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Skincare Lessons From The Pros

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Hands up if you’ve ever wondered if you should be applying your moisturiser in a particular way or if certain foods can help improve the condition of your skin? We catch up with five skincare specialists to bring you the most sacred secrets in the business.

The Pro: Dr. Gary Goldfaden

A dermatologist for over 40 years, Dr. Gary Goldfaden knows a thing or two about skin. His expert skincare brand Goldfaden MD fuses cutting-edge technology with natural active plant cells and anti-oxidant rich botanicals to deliver physician-strength results without irritating even the most sensitive skin types.

Skincare Lesson #1 Don’t sleep in your makeup

“Throughout the day, your skin accumulates oxidative stress from free radical damage caused by the sun, pollution and environmental stresses; if you don’t wash your face and remove your makeup at night those free radicals break down the healthy collagen in your skin which leads to premature ageing. Sleeping with your makeup on also clogs pores and leads to breakouts.”

Top Tip: Don’t wait until bedtime, wash away the dirt and debris of the day as soon as you get in from work. Kick off your evening regime with Goldfaden MD Pure Start or if your skin is more problematic try Goldfaden MD Detox Clarifying Wash, which contains a combination of AHAs to remove excess oil and dead cells that build up on the skin.

Skincare Lesson #2 Healthy skin starts from the inside

“Mushrooms contain a plethora of skin-boosting properties. They’re rich in antioxidants and vitamin D, which helps to protect the skin against environmental stresses, discolouration and fine lines. Additionally, mushrooms contain potent anti-inflammatory properties that help to improve the appearance of acne, redness and even eczema.”

Top Tip: There are more than 14,000 types of mushroom across the globe. Some of our favourite fungis are shiitake and reishi. While both varieties are bursting with antioxidants, shiitake are loaded with flavour and so are great for adding to soups, stirfrys and chillis while reishi are slightly bitter tasting so better to buy in powder form and add to tea.

The Pro: Sarah Chapman

Booked out by beauty editors and A-listers, Sarah Chapman is one of London’s most sought-after facialists. Her discreet Skinesis clinic in Chelsea has become the ultimate destination for those in pursuit of perfect skin.

Skincare Lesson #3 Massage, massage, massage

“When it comes to product application, facial massage is unbeatable for getting an instant glow. Use your knuckles and fingertips to roll, knead and drum life back into your skin. These movements help stimulate lymphatic drainage on puffy complexions, boost the vital supply of oxygen and nutrients to the skin and stimulate a healthier functioning dermis for better performing cellular activity and better looking skin.”

Top Tip: If you’re unsure of the moves, try using the Sarah Chapman Facialift tool at home to mimic the techniques Sarah uses in her clinic.

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Skincare Lesson #4 No scrubs

“Be careful not to over exfoliate with physical scrubs as these can create micro tears in the skin, causing damage that can leave your complexion red, sensitive and inflamed with a weakened defence barrier. Over time, this can also thin the skin, enhancing the signs of ageing. Avoid using harsh scratchy scrubs and choose a lighter exfoliator instead.”

Top Tip: Look out for ingredients such as lactic and glycolic acid, AHAs which buff away surface debris, and BHAs like salicylic acid, which penetrate pores to provide deeper exfoliation.

The Pro: Emma Hardie

Known in the beauty world for her magic hands, facialist and holistic anti-ageing specialist Emma Hardie’s unique massage and application techniques have proven to firm and plump skin without the need for harsh ingredients or invasive techniques.

Skincare Lesson #5 The IN-gredient

“The moringa tree has to be the most extraordinary plant on the planet and is my all-time favourite skincare ingredient. A compact nutrient-rich powerhouse, the moringa seed contains seven times more vitamin C than an orange, three times more potassium than a banana, four times more calcium than milk and four times more vitamin A than a carrot. In fact, every part of the moringa plant can benefit our health, wellbeing and skin – in Africa and India where it grows, women eat the plant to help aid a radiant, glowing complexion.”

Top Tip: If your complexion is dry or you’re looking for an ultra-nourishing cleanser to use over the winter months, try using a balm cleanser. Rich in a multitude of oils, balms melt into dry skin and can be massaged around the delicate eye area to remove even the most stubborn traces of mascara.

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Skincare Lesson #6 Swat up on storage

“I store all my creams in the fridge or in a dark cool place away from the sunlight. I like the coolness on my skin and it can help to extend their shelf life.”

Top Tip: If you’ve got a big event coming up, pop Emma Hardie Age Support Radiance Face Mask in the fridge and apply straight onto cleansed skin. Think of it as a supercharged moisturiser and apply your makeup over the top.

The Pro: Kat Burki

Taking natural beauty to a whole new level, CEO, founder and queen of green skincare, Kat Burki combines the industry’s most intelligent ingredients to make super nutrient complexes, which are then cold pressed to preserve each ingredient’s structural integrity and natural benefits.

Skincare Lesson #7 Full eight hours

“Our body repairs itself at night and so sleep is extremely important for skincare; try to get at full eight hours a night. Your skin will thank you.”

Skincare Lesson #8 Change with the season

“I really believe that skin has different needs in different seasons. Your skin is your protection between your insides and the environment, and as your environment changes your skin’s needs change. For example, most skin is drier in the cold climates as your body is not producing as much oil and so often requires products with greater hydration potency that are longer lasting.”

Top Tip: Brighten up dull, lacklustre complexions throughout winter with skincare loaded with vitamins. Try to incorporate a daily moisturiser containing glow-giving antioxidant, vitamin C.


The Pro: Margaret Mitchell

Group Buying Director at Space NK and self-confessed beauty junkie Margaret Mitchell is devoted to finding the best brands and beauty products around; there isn’t much out there that she hasn’t tried.

Skincare Lesson #9 Balancing act

“Oils are great for balancing out the skin. People with oily complexions tend to avoid them however I would advise incorporating one into your routine as oil attracts oil and can help dissolve sebum, grease and makeup without stripping the skin. They’re also full of vitamins, amino acids and anti-oxidants that help heal, protect and hydrate.”

Top Tip: Less is more when it comes to oils. Massage in  1-2 drops (3 max for dry complexions) and always before moisturiser – think of your skincare routine as thinner textures, building up to thicker.

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Skincare Lesson #10 Add an essence

“Essences are having a huge moment in Korean beauty right now. Made up of smaller molecules, essences are able to penetrate deeper into the skin and therefore deliver active ingredients more efficiently. I love to use a hydrating essence because they leave my skin soft but weightless. It also ensures I’m always replenishing my skin with enough hydration that is lost during the day from air conditioners and heaters.”

Top Tip: The best time to apply an essence is straight after cleansing. Apply a few drops into your hands and press gently into skin until absorbed.

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