How To Rescue Post-Summer Hair


Sun exposure, high humidity, air-conditioning and swimming can cause havoc with our hair. Whether you’re suffering from dry and dehydrated hair, faded colour, an irritated scalp or unwanted frizz as a result of summer temperatures and adventures, we’ve rounded up the best ways to restore and revive stressed-out strands.

Repair Damaged Strands

Did you know that the sun weakens our hair, diminishing its elasticity and resilience and leaving it prone to breakage? It means split ends become more prevalent and our hair is left crying out for a much-needed dose of TLC. To tidy up ends book in for a post-summer trim and combine it with introducing a reparative product like Olaplex’s new No. 7 Oil. “This specially-formulated oil strengthens the hair while improving shine, increasing manageability and eliminating frizz,” explains Olaplex’s PR and Educator, Ty Render. “It deeply conditions and reduces further breakage making it your ideal post-summer saviour.”

Add Moisture To Dehydrated Hair

“There are several ways in which we can reduce and combat dryness,” explains hair stylist brand founder Charlotte Mensah. “One of the best is to keep shampooing to a minimum and opt for a shampoo that has extra emollients.” Look for variations which are specifically aimed at dry hair as these will be the most nourishing. “Our Manketti Oil range is packed with a high concentration of moisturising ingredients such as vitamins, oils and naturally-sourced manketti nuts to deliver moisture without weighing hair down,” she adds. Masks are another great solution and work best when left for an extended period. Post-shampoo apply a generous amount to your hair and wrap in a warm towel for 20-30 minutes. Alternatively, for an even more intense hit of hydration, try sleeping in it.

Tend To Your Scalp

A healthy scalp means healthy hair so making sure it’s in tip top condition is essential. “Our scalp needs the same care and attention as our skin,” says Collette McGee, National Lead Stylist at Bumble and bumble. “Try using our Scalp Detox which uses salicylic acid to help exfoliate the scalp, removing dead skin and product build-up which can prevent hair growth. It also rebalances an oily scalp and removes dandruff and banishes dryness,” she adds. Similarly, Oribe’s Serene Scalp also harnesses the power of salicylic acid to soothe irritated scalps and uses fruit and flower extracts to help maintain a healthy and hydrated scalp.

Combat Unwanted Frizz

Dry hair is already prone to frizz, but warmer temperatures will only exacerbate it as humid air penetrates the hair shaft (which is very porous), causing strands to ‘swell’. Using an oil or serum when your hair is wet is one of the best ways to tame frizz as it smoothes the cuticle and locks in moisture. Alternatively, Ouai’s Anti-Frizz Sheets are ideal if you’re always on-the-go as they eliminate any unruly frizz in just a few quick swipes.

Restore Your Colour

If you’ve spent this summer bathing in the sun and dipping in and out of the pool or sea, there’s no doubt you will have experienced some colour fade. This is because the outer layer of your hair shaft has been broken down by the sun, sea and chlorine making your colour look dull and lacklustre. Thankfully there are several targeted treatments which can help restore and refresh your colour. Living Proof’s new Colour Care Shampoo enhances and replenishes your hair’s protective layer and features an innovative formula of copper and iron to help preserve colour for longer and enhance natural shine. To boost colour further, opt for something suited to your shade such as Christophe Robin’s Shade Variation Care in Warm Chestnut or Baby Blonde. These nutrient-rich masks work to adjust and intensify colour without ammonia.