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Volume Boosters For Flat Hair


Flat hair comes in lots of different guises – you may have thin and silky hair that stays close to the scalp, or thick hair with flat roots. Either way, if you want to pump up the volume follow our step by step guide.

Wash With Caution

Hairdressers often recommend washing hair every 3-4 days, which can be terrifying for fine-headed mavens whose hair usually looks greasy faster. As Paul Windle, co-founder of Windle & Moodie explains “fine hair doesn’t necessarily get greasy more quickly, but can give the illusion of doing so as there is less hair to disperse or hide the grease.” To counter this, try to wash less frequently, as Paul explains, “If you over wash your hair you will overstimulate the scalp and produce more oil.” Ensure you use an ultra-lightweight shampoo and conditioner like Windle & Moodie Fortifying and only use a small amount of conditioner “making sure that it is thoroughly rinsed out of the hair, as this can contribute to an appearance of greasiness and heaviness, especially at the root.”

Say No To More Oil

Using product to build volume is a great idea, but try to avoid oil-based formulas – such as creams and serums as these can be too heavy for fine, flat hair. Instead choose ‘hold’ products which are typically made with polymers which work to expand the hair rather than sitting on top of it. Sea sprays offer hold and create texture, which in turn creates the illusion of fullness – we like Windle & Moodie Oceanic Spray. If your hair starts the day full and bouncy, but deflates by 4pm – try popping Ouai Dry Shampoo in your handbag. The good news is it also doubles as an ultra-quick morning fix on those in-between-washing days.

The Hairdryer Is Your Friend

To build big hair, the roots need to be lifted, so spritz freshly washed wet hair with the ultra-light Rossano Ferretti Grandioso Volumising Spray. Combine with mousse to bulk out lengths. We like Bumble & Bumble Thickening Full Form Mousse, but make sure you shake the bottle to get a foamy, airy texture. If it’s not filled with air, mousse stays creamy and can flatten hair. Paul suggests “drying the hair in sections against gravity, especially focusing on the front.” When your hair is dry, flip your head back up and point your hairdryer on a medium setting along the shaft of the hair, while lifting sections up and out with a big round brush to create more volume at the root and ensure a glossy finish. If you have more time, Paul recommends “rollers – usually the best way to build volume when styling yourself: rough dry until 80-90% dry and insert the rollers mainly around the crown. Again, blow dry at the root to add lift and volume to the hair.” Ensure your hair is bone dry before you turn the dryer off, otherwise all your hard work will fall flat.

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Weekly Hair Detox

“If you use a lot of products, it is important to have a weekly hair detox”, explains Paul “as product can build up on the scalp and block the sebaceous glands.” Leftover product can also weigh hair down and irritate the scalp. We suggest aiming for a Sunday night detox in which you deeply cleanse hair and scalp. Try the exfoliating Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt, and follow by applying Ouai Clean Conditioner to the lengths of hair only. Leave on for 3 minutes to help nourish and detoxify, then rinse and let hair air dry to prevent damage and ensure it stays in great, bouncy condition.

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