Avec une gamme de produits solaires primés, Saltee fabrique des formules SPF de luxe...

Avec une gamme de produits solaires primés, Saltee crée des formules SPF de luxe pour votre quotidien et vos aventures de vacances. Des textures luxuriantes aux parfums évocateurs, les soins Saltee réveilleront vos souvenirs de vacances préférés.

4 résultats


4 résultats
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#1 Vente Saltee
Lotion solaire et marine pour le corps SPF30
€ 40.00
Formule SPF50 visage mer et soleil
€ 37.00
SPF50 City Serum Spf+
€ 44.00
Formule d'amélioration du bronzage
€ 30.00

About The Brand

Founded in 2018 by Sam Richardson and Patrick McGuirk, who shared a passion for life-changing holiday experiences, Saltee is a suncare brand that want to evoke holiday memories. The brand is all about creating that adventure mindset, while making sure everyone protects their skin with luxury SPF formulas. Saltee sunscreen has the lightest feeling, high UVA and UVB protection, and should be part of your morning skincare regime and an investment in your skin's health when travelling. With Saltee, take Oprah Winfrey’s go-to SPF on your next sunny adventure.

Who Is It For?

Saltee sunscreens are for those who are looking for new luscious SPF formulas, that are easy to apply and reapply, perfect to take on their next adventure.

Why SpaceNK Loves

Saltee was created to disrupt the suncare industry and encourage everyone to go on small or big adventures, all while being safe with a solid suncare regimen. If you’re looking to try the Saltee range, the smell and texture of the bestselling Sea & Sun Lotion will instantly give you that holiday feel.