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Huile pour cheveux : Everyday Gloss


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Lissez les frisottis et démêlez les boucles avec l'huile pour cheveux Bread Beauty Supply : Everyday Gloss, une huile capillaire multi-usages qui laisse les boucles douces, lisses et brillantes. Elle ne laisse aucun résidu collant et peut être utilisée sans danger sur les cheveux colorés.

Contenant de l'huile de prune de Kakadu et de carthame, ce produit de soin capillaire convient aussi bien aux cheveux à faible qu'à forte porosité. Sa formule non grasse peut être utilisée comme prélavage, entre les lavages pour renforcer la brillance ou sur les cheveux fraîchement lavés.

Sans danger pour les cheveux colorés, l'huile pour cheveux Bread Beauty Supply : Everyday Gloss est imprégnée d'un parfum de fraise et ne contient pas de silicones. Idéale pour les cheveux bouclés ou texturés, cette huile capillaire apporte une hydratation et une brillance supplémentaires à tous les types de cheveux.

Principaux avantages

  • Rend les boucles douces, lisses et brillantes.
  • Formule non grasse
  • Aide à démêler et à minimiser les frisottis.
  • Infusé d'un parfum de fraise
  • Convient aussi bien aux cheveux à faible qu'à forte porosité.
  • Végétalien et sans cruauté
  • Ne contient pas de silicones

SKU# UK200034562


Il existe 3 façons d'utiliser l'huile pour cheveux

  • 1. Après le lavage : si vos cheveux sont très épais, frisés, bouclés ou secs, appliquez une petite quantité sur l'ensemble de vos cheveux mouillés après les avoir lavés et conditionnés avec le produit de lavage et le masque pour cheveux (vendus séparément).
  • 2. Entre deux lavages : si vos cheveux ont besoin de brillance et de souplesse entre deux lavages, appliquez sur les mi-longueurs et les pointes des cheveux secs.
  • 3. Avant le lavage : quel que soit le type de cheveux, appliquez sur l'ensemble des cheveux secs et du cuir chevelu comme traitement avant le lavage et laissez agir pendant deux heures ou toute la nuit avant de procéder au lavage. Cela aidera à protéger vos cheveux de la fatigue hydrique et vous donnera des cheveux super doux et souples.

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Bread Beauty Supply simplifie le soin des cheveux bouclés et afro. Cette nouvelle marque de soins capillaires revient aux fondamentaux et s'en tient à l'essentiel pour rationaliser votre journée de lavage et rendre le processus plus agréable. Des soins du cuir chevelu aux huiles capillaires de finition, voici la marque qui vous facilite la tâche.


11 Critiques


Résumé des évaluations et commentaires des clients

Ms Fifi

Localisation: St Albans

Critiques: 20

Age: 45+

What is your hair length?: Long

Hair Type:: Curly / Wavy

Best Use: Nourishing / Hydrating

Recommande ce produit: Yes

novembre 12 2022

Very effective hair oil

I’ve taken a star off because, like other reviewers, I find the scent of this hair oil extremely strong and sweet. In fact, I wasn’t sure I would be able to use it at first as I find it so strong. I’m glad I persisted as it does exactly what I was looking for. I have curly 3A hair that is prone to frizz and can get very dry. I use this hair oil as a pre-shampoo treatment, and to tame flyaways etc when needed. It does a very good job, so much so that my hairdresser has stopped suggesting in-salon conditioning treatments. I will therefore probably repurchase, but would be delighted if they could adjust the scent.


Critiques: 1

octobre 16 2022


This hair oil is very thick and glossy. I use it to tame my frizzy hair. The only thing that bothers me is the smell, it smells like strawberry candy. It's very unusual for a hair oil to smell like this. I bought the small size to test it first and the size is perfect for travelling, too.

TOP 250


Critiques: 178

Age: 30-45

Gender: Female

What is your hair length?: Long

Hair Type:: Coloured

Recommande ce produit: Yes

septembre 10 2022

It's okay

I bought the small one to see if I liked it and whether I wanted to commit to the larger size, and I’m so glad I got to try it first. It’s very thick, so you only need a few drops to cover the lengths of your hair. It does a good job of taming flyaways, dealing with frizz, and it made my hair feel nourished when I applied it. You have to be careful though because too much and it made my hair look a bit greasy. The packaging is nice - looks good and the stopper distributes a few drops at a time so it’s easy to apply as a pre-wash treatment directly onto your scalp or into your hand as a finishing oil. It’s reasonably priced, and for how little you need (I have long hair) I think it’s great value for money. The scent however is what bothers me and won’t make me repurchase. I noticed the overly sweet smell has divided opinion in other reviews, but that’s not what bothers me. It *is* very sweet and reminds me of the ice lollies I had as a child - I actually quite like the scent - just not *on* me as a grown woman. But that aside, once the fragrance subsides, a heavy smell of castor oil pervades the air and that’s all I can smell after I’ve apply this to my hair. I know the hair oil has castor oil in it, but I didn’t expect it to only smell of castor oil when I applied it. I don’t mind using castor oil as a hair treatment before I wash it out, but as a finisher, if a mixture of super sweet artificial strawberries and castor oil is what I have to smell (and probably smell like to those at work) the rest of the day, I think I’ll pass. Other than that, the oil seems very nourishing, and I’ll probably just use it as a pre-wash hair treatment until I run out.


Critiques: 21

Age: Under 30

Gender: Female

What is your hair length?: Long

Hair Type:: Coloured

Recommande ce produit: Yes

septembre 07 2022

Like lipgloss for your hair

On a way too hot day last month, I entered a Space NK store to get something else. While browsing around an employee asked if I'd heard of this brand yet. I hadn't, and he told me to try this hair gloss. I usually always use the Olaplex no.7 oil, but as my hair was really frizzy because of the insane humidity that day, I figured why not. I put a little in my hair and was stunned at the results! All the frizz had completely disappeared but my hair looked like it just did that on its own -- it didn't look greasy from the gloss or anything, just a nice shine and no frizz. I obviously needed this in my life, so I bought it immediately. It does smell like sweet candy, so if you're not into that that might be something you'd like to know. You don't smell it much once you've applied it though. A must have if your hair gets frizzy!


Localisation: Scotland

Critiques: 51

Age: 30-45

Gender: Female

What is your hair length?: Long

Hair Type:: Coloured

Recommande ce produit: Yes

septembre 03 2022

Sweet smelling hair oil

I wasn’t expecting this to smell of sweets! It’s a light hair oil that works well on dry hair but I prefer to use it on wet hair and then blow dry as my hair can feel coarse and this technique helps to smooth it. So I do like it I just don’t feel blown away by it. It’s a crowd pleaser but not a game changer

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