5 Eco-Friendly Skincare Brands To Know About

5 Eco-Friendly Skincare Brands To Know About
Gone are the plastic cotton wool buds, flannels have replaced single-use wipes, and refillables have taken centre stage (for the sake of the environment and our bank balance), it’s 2022 and most of us are looking to take a more sustainable approach to our skincare routines. While there are a few brands still trying to pull the wool over our eyes with a bit of light greenwashing, the majority within the beauty industry are trying to be as planet friendly as possible.

The best eco-friendly beauty brands are the ones that are upfront and honest about the approaches they’re trying to take, from responsibly sourcing ingredients to opting for recycled and recyclable packaging. What can we do as consumers? We can cut consumption and rethink how many products we really need. Buy less but better and invest in the brands that are actively trying to make a difference. We’ve outlined six of the best sustainable skincare brands below that are definitely worth supporting.

Don’t forget you can also recycle the majority of your beauty empties with Space NK via our partnership with Handle.


Baume nettoyant Orinrin, 24,00 £

If you’re looking to streamline your bathroom cabinet and use fewer products, Liha is a good place to start. Marrying West African botanical ingredients with English aromatherapy, the brand offers vegan-friendly, spa-like formulas that calm and nourish your skin and your mind. For us, using the Orinrin Cleansing balm has become a nightly ritual that ensures we not only rinse away makeup and grim, but mentally switch off any stresses from the day.


Kora Organics

Hydratant éclatant au curcuma, 40,50 £

Of course, Miranda Kerr’s brand Kora Organics is in our edit of the best sustainable skincare brands. Since the Turmeric Glow Moisturizer launched last year, it has been a consistent bestseller, along with its refillable capsule. Whether your skin is feeling particularly dry or you’re going through the menopause, this moisturiser is a must-have. The brand as a whole uses natural and organic ingredients, along with recyclable packaging.


Ren Clean Skincare

Sérum éclatant et protecteur, 37,50 £

When it comes to sustainable skincare, Ren Clean Skincare is leading the way. Having turned its back on single-use plastic packaging, the brand has worked tirelessly to create 100% recyclable packaging. While Ren Clean Skincare puts the environment at the forefront, the formulas are by no means a second thought. The Glow and Protect Serum is lightweight, hydrating and infused with vitamin C rich kakadu plum to leave your skin looking smoother and brighter.



Squalane + Vitamine C Huile de rose, 41,25 £

If you’re looking for a feel-good, sustainable skincare brand that will hydrate and nourish your skin, Biossance is worth exploring. From its 100% plant-based ingredient list to the recyclable packaging, this is a brand that takes the environment seriously. Our current favourite is the Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil. Three drops massaged into skin each night is all you need to wake up to smoother, softer feeling skin. Use it consistently and within a couple of weeks you’ll notice your skin has a clearer, natural glow to it. Plenty of Space NK customers rate the Biossance 100% huile de squalane, 18,75 £, but this is the unsung hero for us.



Recharge Press & Glow, 17,25 £

Medik8 is our go-to brand for all things retinol. The brand is also doing its bit when it comes to the environment too. Where possible Medik8 uses cold processes to reduce energy consumption. In terms of packaging, Medik8 uses glass serum bottles and pipettes and is moving towards refillable options across the board. Medik8 Press + Glow



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