Our Favourite Hardworking Hand Washes

Our Favourite Hardworking Hand Washes
Whether you sing “Happy Birthday” or count to 20, these five formulas will make the mundane task of washing your hands feel a little bit more luxurious, and they won’t dry out your skin. All you have to do is choose your favourite…


Révérence Aromatique Hand Wash, 23,25 £

Best For A Speedy Deep Clean
With lactic acid and tiny pumice stones, this hand wash is perfect for anyone who wants to get rid of dirt, oil and grease effortlessly without drying out your skin. Multitasking extracts including vetiver root and petitgrain are put to good use with their soothing scents and antiseptic properties.



Nettoyage des mains, 7,50 £

Best For Dry, Sensitive Skin
Created by nurses, Nursem’s Caring Hand Wash offers an unparalleled soothing wash with the help of aloe vera, avocado oil and vitamin E. If your hands are dry, sore, cracked or irritated and you dread washing them, this is the hand wash you’ve been searching for.


This Works

Stress Check Gentle Wash, 9,00 £

Best For A Moment Of Calm
If you’re juggling home-schooling and a day job, loo breaks might be the only respite you get throughout the day. With a calming blend of lavender, neroli and ylang ylang, we recommend you take a couple of deep breathes in as you’re massaging this formula into hands.


Susanne Kaufmann

Recharge de savon pour les mains, 22,50 £

Best Sustainable Staple
Demand for refillable options is growing and Susanne Kaufmann is the latest brand to take note (Diptyque launched its refillable range earlier this year). The gentle, aloe vera infused formula is perfect for all the family and leaves your hands feeling soft and smooth.



Suede Hand Wash, N/A

Best Daily Luxury
Who cares if it’s only you and your immediate family who are enjoying the dreamy blend of smooth amber and velvety plum sprinkled with zingy bergamot? There mere sight of the iconic Scandi packaging, coupled with the soft lathering effect is the little pick-me-up we all need right now.

Posté : lundi, 11 mars 2019