The Beauty Buys Bringing Brand Founders Joy

The Beauty Buys Bringing Brand Founders Joy
Whether it’s a spritz of a particular perfume or a swish of blusher, there are some products that can’t help but spark some joy in us. We asked some of our favourite brand founders which beauty product boosts their mood…

Dr. Barbara Sturm

Crème pour le visage, 140,00 £

“There is something incredibly therapeutic about applying this every day. It seals, protects and hydrates the skin, while also calming irritation. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and looking healthy with a radiant glow.”
- Dr. Barbara Sturm, Founder of Dr. Barbara Sturm


By Terry

Soins des lèvres Baume de Rose, 40,00 £

“My lips get really dry in the winter, but this gloss is still my go-to in all seasons because it’s so hydrating. It has a slight hue of rose, the perfect shine and it isn’t sticky. You can wear it alone of use over the top of another colour.”
- Jo Malone CBE, Founder of Jo Loves


Sol de Janeiro

Crème Coco Cabana, 20,00 £

“Our Coco Cabana Cream never fails to lift my mood, even on the coldest, darkest winter days. It delivers extreme moisture and smells divine. It needs a bit of time to sink in, but I put it on at night and my skin feels supple and baby soft by the morning.”
- Heela Yang, Co-founder of Sol De Janeiro


Dr David Jack

Peintures pour le visage en bleu, N/A

“Not only is the colour of the treatment enough to brighten my mood, but the formula is also ideal at the moment for tackling maskne. It contains ingredients that can help restore and maintain the skin’s natural barrier as well as reducing inflammation and rosacea which can often be worse during the winter.”
- Dr. David Jack, Founder of Dr. David Jack


Jo Loves

Bougie pour la maison Rose Petal 25, 55,00 £

“I light this each morning for purity and balance, but most of all because it's the one scent that really helps cleanse my mind and start my day off on the right note.”
- Amanda Harrington, Founder of Amanda Harrington


Vintner's Daughter

Essence de traitement actif, 210,00 £

“Alongside deep hydration, this essence also brightens, firms and strengthens the skin barrier thanks to powerful plant actives such as hyaluronic, niacinamide, micro-algae and vitamin C. It’s become my daily skincare saviour.”
- April Gargiulo, Founder of Vintner’s Daughter



Huile nettoyante - Géranium rose et abricot, 45,00 £

“This cleaning oil was the first product I ever created and remains our bestseller to this day. It’s simply brilliant at whisking away every trace of makeup, pollution and SPF and leaves your skin properly clean but still soft and plump. I cannot imagine cleansing my face in any other way.”
- Arabella Preston, Co-founder of Votary



Crème marine Pro-Collagène, 89,00 £

"My skin is sensitive and prone to dehydration, so a good moisturiser is key. For the last few years, my favourite has been this Elemis cream. It has a beautiful texture and absorbs quickly leaving my skin feeling wonderfully hydrated yet not greasy."
- Dominic Hawksley, Founder of Olverum



Crème Cachemire raffermissante Resveratrol Lift, 44,00 £

“Our Cashmere Cream is my winter hero as it really has a ‘second skin’ texture. My skin always feels soft and super hydrated after using it, which always brings me joy! The formula also helps to prevent and protect against signs of ageing.”
- Mathilde Thomas, Co-founder of Caudalie


Charlotte Mensah

Huile pour cheveux Manketti, 48,00 £

“This highly effective, natural conditioner is my go-to all year round - not just for winter as it gives a really intense treatment for the hair and scalp since it’s high in polyunsaturated fatty acids. I love to leave this on overnight for true nourishment.”
- Charlotte Mensah, Founder of Charlotte Mensah



Sérum Bio Lifting + , 244,00 £

“This multitasking serum helps keep my skin in check and my spirits high all year round. The formula is loaded with active peptides that target wrinkles and keep my skin hydrated. The potent raspberry and tomato plant stem cells also help to soothe and protect against free radicals and pollution.”
- Olivia Chantecaille, Creative Director at Chantecaille


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