Miranda Kerr On Her Glow-Getting Beauty Tips

Miranda Kerr On Her Glow-Getting Beauty Tips
Miranda Kerr needs no introduction. The model and brand founder is renowned for her flawless, radiant skin and this week she’s shared her tricks for achieving a healthy glow. Whether you’re working from home or easing back into the office over the next couple of months, here are Miranda’s tips for making sure your skin looks incredible…

Tip 1: Take A Self-Care Approach To Skincare

My daily morning and evening skincare routines are essential to boosting my natural glow, both inside and out. It’s part of my self-care, which is important for me because if you take care of yourself, both mentally, physically and emotionally, you can give so much more in all that you do.

Every day, I wash my face using the Kora Organics Crème nettoyante, 27,00 £ and the Foreo Luna Mini 2 Rose, 99,00 £ for an extra deep cleanse. Then I use the Kora Organics Masque éclaircissant et exfoliant au curcuma, 45,00 £ – it’s one of the best exfoliation experiences I’ve ever had, and my skin is immediately super smooth, bright and taut. Following this, I apply a couple of serums (Kora Organics Sérum Noni Bright à la vitamine C, 63,00 £ in the morning and Kora Organics Sérum resurfaçant AHA Noni Night, 67,00 £ in evenings) and use the Kora Organics Masque de sommeil Noni Glow, 45,00 £ right before I go to sleep. It ensures I wake up with plump, hydrated skin.

Tip 2: Know Your Ingredients

Ingredients such as vitamin C and turmeric can help brighten and event skin tone, as well as natural AHAs and BHA ferments that help resurface the skin and encourage cellular turnover, such as the lemon peel ferment and willow bark extract in the Noni Night Serum. Noni, rosehip oil, sea buckthorn oil are rich in nutrients and essential fatty acids, which are great for nourishing and moisturising your skin.

Tip 3: Enlist The Help Of Gadgets

I give myself daily facial massages with a Odacité Outil de beauté Aventurine verte Crystal Contour Gua Sha, 40,00 £ and our Kora Organics Huile Visage Noni Glow, 23,00 £ to de-puff my face. Gua Sha tools are also great to use throughout the day to help relieve tension and ease pressure points. The Nuface Kit de formation Trinity Facial, 315,00 £ is another favourite of mine. I really see a difference in the contouring of my face! I’m also obsessed with light masks as it helps stimulate collagen production. I use the Dr. Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro, 430,00 £ a few nights a week.

Tip 4: Embrace Multitasking Formulas

I love the Kora Organics Baume pour le visage Noni Glow, 21,00 £ as it is perfect quick, on-the-go application; I keep it in my handbag and use it on myself and kids as needed throughout the day. It is super moisturising and I even sometimes apply it on my cheekbones on top of makeup for an extra glowy finish.

Tip 5: Enhance Your Glow With Makeup

My favourite concealer is the RMS Beauty Cache-cernes "Un" Cover-Up, 34,00 £ in 22. It really allows you to build more coverage where you need it and leaves the skin looking clear and dewy. The shimmer of the Charlotte Tilbury La marche sans honte de Jewel Pot in Walk Of No Shame, 16,80 £ in Walk of No Shame perfectly complements glowing skin. I finish my makeup look off with Charlotte Tilbury Mascara Push Up Lashes Pillow Talk, 13,00 £, it really opens up my eyes.

Tip 6: Tweak Your Lighting

My secret trick for FaceTime and Zoom calls is to always use a ring light. You should always avoid overhead lighting! And, before getting on your Zoom calls double check your makeup and make sure it’s is all blended. I usually press the Kora Organics Luminant à base de quartz rose, 26,00 £ along my brow and cheekbones - it contains finely crushed Rose Quartz to create a beautiful highlight. And finish off with a few spritzes Kora Organics Brume de rose équilibrante, 31,00 £ for a dewy look.