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Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

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Pro-Collagen Marine Cream


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Nurture a firmer complexion that feels optimally hydrated with the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, a powerful moisturiser that also offers antioxidant benefits.

Enriched with a potent extract of Mediterranean algae known as padina pavonica, this treatment is rich in nourishing vitamins and works to support the skin's natural collagen while boosting moisture levels for a plumper, firmer and suppler complexion. It helps to improve the appearance of deeper wrinkles, while rose and mimosa absolutes deliver a deliciously sweet aroma.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream can be used once a day after thoroughly cleansing the skin. Smooth on a small amount, then massage in gently using circular motions until the product is absorbed.

Key Benefits

  • An anti-ageing cream that works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Boosts hydration for suppler skin
  • Supports a firmer-looking and more refined complexion
  • Comfortable light gel texture
  • Contains ginkgo biloba to deliver protection against free-radical damage

SKU# UK200027146


Apply a pea size amount into the hands and warm together. Gently smooth over the face, neck and décolleté. Use every morning.

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ELEMIS is underpinned by the spirit of an aromatherapist and a scientist’s commitment to results. The luxury British skincare brand’s primary focus is all about delivering exceptional results, using patented technology and 30 years of expertise to craft an array of award-winning serums, moisturisers, and cleansers.

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Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews

Reviews: 1

Recommends this product: Yes

July 14 2024

so refreshing

I love Elemis as a brand and this cream was absolutely amazing! I even shared it with my mom to try and she raved about the soft, luxurious texture of this cream. Plus, it smells really nice! I would recommend to anyone and everyone! offered by elemis.

Reviews: 1

Recommends this product: Yes

July 12 2024


Smells divine and gifted by Elemis! It feels hydrating on my skin and leaves a moisturized afterglow. Will like to see how it leaves my skin long term. Using this with the rose makeup removing balm by Elemis

Location: NE

Reviews: 1

Do you have sensitive skin?: Yes

Age: 45+

Skin Type: Dry

July 12 2024

Decent basic, but overpriced and outdated

It's OK, but rather so,so This has a pleasant but very light scent, which lasted only a very short time. It only foams very lightly, so it is OK on a puff, but no good for a bath or without one, and I found it quite hard to get all the product out of the bottle. Overall, I was rather underwhelmed by this, and cannot understand the rave (manuacturer site) reviews. While it's not that expensive, it just wasn't very good either, and I'd rather pay less for something effective and basic, or more for something lovely. Shows we all all different I suppose. Really does work! I have been using this for about 3 years and have repurchased many times. I started using it during lockdown when I was home bleaching for the first time and having horrible problems with breakage. This, together with monthly useage of the Olaplex 0 solved the problem. I used this every other wash at first, and now only use once a month or so to maintain hair strength. I don't usually use as a pre-shampoo, as I don't want to subject my hair to 2 washes as it is nearly waist length after 3 years of growth. Instead I wash it, towel dry, apply No 3 through hair and leave for 10 mins, then rinse throroughly - essentially using it as a condiitioner. It conditions well, and only leaves my hair a little heavier than normal (and I do have fine hair). If you are having trouble with hair breakage, this is definitely worth a try. Nice but brief I received a deluxe size in the SNK fragrance calendar which I was interested to try as I know nothing about theis brand. It opens fresh and fruity - zesty, but in a non citrus fashion, and quite sweet without being sugary. The fruitiness largely gives way to a fresh floral, and a little later some violet peeks out. And that's about it, after 2-3 hours pouf it is gone. Perfectly pleasant while it lasts, but distinctly underperforming for the price when I expect more complexity as well as more longevity. Nonetheless this is likeable, and if you fancy a slightly sweet, fresh fruity floral, this may well be your cup of tea. Some benefits and no irritation I quite liked this. I used it as my first eye retinol, and I'd say it is a good choice for this. I have sensitive and reactive skin, so have only introduced it to retinol products slowly and gradually. I had no problems building this up to every other night (as often as I want to use Vitamin A), and experienced no sensitivity or reactions in use. I experienced improvements in smoothness and a little in fine lines in use, which was a good result for this useage level. Overall a good product. A good basic but overpriced product I've used up 2 deluxe sizes of this - I have also tried the rich version, but found that one oilier more than richer, and prefer this. This has hydrating ingredients (glycerin basically) to improve hydration and nourishing and occlusive ingredients to nourish and protect. It makes a very good basic moisturiser, but that is really all it does. I really little faith in the magical effects of plant extracts that are clinically untested, so I expected nothing more than this. The only problem is the price, which is wildly excessive. If you have money to burn, then you can afford to spend this much on an overpriced basic product. For me, I epxect a lot more for for £70 than 20ml of a simple moisturiser, so when I get it in a gwp/calendar/set I am happy to use it, but I'd never repurchase as a standalone product. so highly scented (Gypsy Chic) I loved the colour and shine for this. The pigment level is excellent for a shine formula, and I had not skin reaction. Unfortunately this is very highly scented - to the level I could almost taste it when applying, and for some time after. I found the fragrance level so high it was giving me a headache, and I gave up when I reaslised I was dreading it. I'd love this if they reduced the fragrance to a sensible level, but as it is, no - it went in the bin. If you don't like highly fragranced lip products, don't bother with this one. Nicest so far bom dia I like this one the best out of the body creams I have tried from S de J. I found the green (coconut) one very sweet, and the Bum Bum is just a bit sickly. This one is still sweet but niot excessively so, and the fragrance is not quite as strong as the Bum Bum (hooray). They all are quite rich, and that plus the high fragrance level mean that I can only use them in the winter months. This is my favourite so far though, by quite a margin. Can't understand the love for this one forest therapy I like most of these oils, and love the Deep Relax for winter baths, but this one really missed the mark for me. They describe thisthe restorative and healing benefits of forest therapy but for me it was anything but. It contains lots of different essential oils, but the first two are cypress and eucalyptus and thsi made for an agressive rather than healing blend. The overall effect was like bathing in paint thinner. Like a bath of turps - eww. Not what I wanted before bed at all, and quite disturbing. Of course scent is very personal. but if you are sensitive to terpenes, you might want to give this one a miss. Pleasant enough but that's all kaufmann mask Well this was pleasant enough to use. It spread easily, removed without problem, had an inoffensive scent and my skin did not react to it. It delivered some nourishment but not really any noticeable boost in hydration. Overall it was nice enough to use up, but not interesting or nice enough to re-purchase. A good enough basic product, but no wow and expensive for something that was just OK. What is it with these austrian and german brands - they all seem so overpriced! well it smells nice I can't use products with Eucalyptus oil, so when I got this in a kit I gave it to my partner. He likes the scent, but says it does nothing on its own and the only way he can use it is to layer it over his normal anti-perspirant. As an odouriser for his de-odouriser effectively. On that basis, I'd call this one a fail for us! fine for everyday I have had a couple of 30ml sizes in various kits, and this is quite a reasonable everyday body cream (it's thicker than a lotion). It has quite a fresh inoffensive scent, I did not have any skin reaction, and while it is a bit sticky on application thsi does not last too long. It did a reasonable job of adding moisture and some nourishment. I have always finished it, but for me it is just likeable and at this price point I expect to do more than just find a product inoffensive. Overall is it nice enough to use, but not interesting enough to buy individually. Pleasant to use This has a nice terracotta colout, is easy to apply and remove, has a pleasant fresh scent and I expereinced no skin reactions and only minimal dryness. It is a nice product to use, and is probably the most pleasant clay mask I have tried, though I saw minimal results from it (just a little smoothing). Overall, it was nice enough for me to use it all (I used a full 75ml tube), but not effective enough for me to bother with re-purchase. Having said that, I have tried several Caudalie products, and this is the one I have liked the best fo far, so perhaps this brand is just not for me. Not good for sensitive skin I had a deluxe size of this, but while it sounded good in practise this is not a good product for sensitive skin. The grains were very scratchy, and by only the 2nd use I was clearly starting to experience irritation after use. When you add this to the unpleasant dark colour and pungent scent, this was a definite fail for me. I might have persevered a little longer had the brand not included lemon peel oil (sensitising and irritant) and peppermint oil (irritant), which is a particularly bad combined with something that abrades the skin. If you have sensitive skin, I'd suggest you avoid this.. A good balanced oil I have long fine but dry hair, and this is a good all-round oil for the majority of it. It makes a good compromise between the silicone type oils that are good for smoothing, and natural oils that work better for dryness and nourishing, as it contains some of each. I use a little for de-tangling/smoothing when damp, and for dryness on dry hair on all but the ends where I need a richer oil. It is not overly scented and does not leave hair greasy. I don't think you will get any actual bonding effect from this, as the bonding ingredient needs water to work. I have finished a full bottle and will happily buy again, which is actually a high recommendation for me with haircare. Lovely but pricey I had a deluxe size of this and thoroughly enjoyed using it. This is a very lightweight cream (as light as a gel), which hydrates extremely well and smells beautiful. There is very little oil in this, so I cannot use it alone, but it paired very well for me with Bioeffect EGF. Having said that, the price is very high for a product that really only does one thing, albeit very well. I think what you really pay for here is the sensory experience of the lovely scent and beautiful texture that make it a pleasure to apply. A lovely product to use, but I douibt I will pay this much for it. Not for sensitive skin I received a 30ml size of this in a kit, and tried it before I read the brand information. It is a thin gel with a sharp,slightly acrid scent that I found unpleasant. It foams well, but was drying, and while I did not use it enough times to cause irritation, I could feel a slight prickling that told me I was heading this way. On reading the ingredients, I'm not surprised. This contains grapefruit peel oil - the harshest of the citrus oils and one that can cause sensitisation and increased sun sensitisation as well as sensitivity. I was quite shocked to see the brand says this product is suitable for sensitive skin and rosacea suffers as I do not agree that any product containing grapefuit peel oil is any way suitable for these groups. If you have sensitive skin I'd advise you avoid this, I threw t

Location: New York

Reviews: 1

Recommends this product: Yes

July 11 2024

Love it.....

I received this as a free sample from PINCHme. I love the feel of the cream, not to oily. I love that it doesn't leave a sticky feeling on my face. I have not seen any visible effects of firming but will continue to use it and see what happens over the next month or so.

Location: Texas

Reviews: 1

Recommends this product: Yes

July 10 2024

Love everything about it!

I first discovered Elemis with their Revitalize Me products while traveling in Ireland five years ago, and I have repeat ordered several times. I loved them and, for me, the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is no exception. I have normal to dry skin which does not absorb heavy products well, so this Collagen Marine Cream is perfect for me - silky, easily absorbed and keeps my skin smooth and hydrated without being heavy or greasy. And I love the fragrance!

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