Charlotte Mensah On Her Restorative Self-Care Approach

Charlotte Mensah On Her Restorative Self-Care Approach
The hairstylist and brand founder shares her tips for pressing reset mentally and physically.

If ever there was a time to take self-care seriously it’s now. The award-winning hair stylist and salon owner, Charlotte Mensah takes her routine very seriously. “A big part of self-care for me is eating plenty of fruit and vegetables provide my skin with the nutrients it needs to glow and drinking lots of water to flush out toxins every day,” says Charlotte. “Despite having my own brand and loving beauty, I take a minimalist approach to my own routine, even when it comes to my weekly self-care ritual.” Read on to discover Charlotte’s approach…

My Skincare Ritual

My skin needs a break after the working week just as much as I do. My break comes in a form of deep cleansing with Chantecaille Nettoyant moussant au riz et au géranium, 55,00 £ and a relaxing at home facial using Chantecaille Masque cicatrisant au jasmin et au lys, 76,00 £. This ritual helps me get through a tough week and restores my skin to unveil a brighter, luminous, healthy looking complexion.

My Self-Care Bathing Recipe

Showers get me going first thing in the morning, but I like to have a long soak once a week, usually Sunday, with a generous amount of Himalayan salts to get some much-needed peace and quiet. I will light my Awakening candle (coming soon) to help create a spa-like atmosphere – over the past few months this has become a real game-changer. While I’m in the bath I’ll use Fresh Polish pour le corps au sucre brun, 35,00 £ on my arms and legs and .

The Hair Essentials

Before I get in the bath, I will mix a couple of drops of Charlotte Mensah Conditionneur d'huile Manketti, 24,00 £ into Charlotte Mensah Conditionneur d'huile Manketti, 24,00 £ to create a rich hydrating mask that infuses moisture back into my hair strands and leaves it with a gorgeous shine.

The Post-Bathing Hydration Blend

I'm a firm believer that keeping my skin hydrated and moisturised. With my daily routine, I stick to mixing raw Shea butter that I source from Ghana with Chantecaille Huile corporelle Rose De Mai, 48,00 £ and a tiny amount of Révive Crème hydratante régénératrice, 140,00 £, which I whip until it's soft and soufflé like. It works brilliantly as a nourishing overnighted treatment and by day, it gives my skin a lovely sheen. I use it from head-to-toe and don’t change it up at the weekend because it works incredibly well, and I love the finish.

The Mid-Week De-Stressor

If I’m in need of a little self-care mid-week and don’t have time for a long soak, I add Epsom salts and Himalayan salts to warm water and soak my feet for 10-20 minutes. It is one of the best and fastest remedies!

Posté : vendredi, 15 juin 2018