6 Cosy Scented Candles Inspired by Open Fireplaces

6 Cosy Scented Candles Inspired by Open Fireplaces
There is something so inviting about the smell of an open fireplace. It’s warm, woody and ever so slightly spicy. Creating that same cosy feeling with home fragrance can be tricky – too much spice can let off an exotic aroma, while too much woodiness can be overpowering and heavy. Fortunately, there are several fragrance brands that have mastered the balance and carefully recreated the scent, making the need for a fireplace completely redundant.

Having tried and tested all of them, here are the six scented candles inspired by open fireplaces that can truly transform your home this autumn.


Feu de Bois Scented Candle, $45.50

Woodfire is the English translation for Feu de Bois and Diptyque’s luxury scent lives up to its name with elegance. The smoky tones are combined with pine, amber and leather for a warm, woody scent for an authentic campfire vibe. You might even be tempted to crack out the s’mores…


Boy Smells

Ash Scented Candle, $57.00

If you’re a fan of the uplifting, woody scent of palo santo, Boy Smells Ash Candle is worth stocking up on. The bestselling scented candle champions palo santo, alongside notes of dry hay, charcoal and musk with just a hint of vetiver. It’s the perfect Sunday evening scent – it feels warm, comforting and somewhat optimistic.


Maison Margiela

By the Fireplace Candle, $62.50

With warm woods, roast chestnuts, clove oils and red berries, By The Fireplace is the must-have, cosy scented candle for November and December for anyone who doesn’t want to go full-blown festive. There are soft smoky notes intertwined inspired by a roaring fireplace. We recommend you explore the eau de toilette too.



Woods Candle, $90.00

Looking for a more outdoorsy scent that subtly captures the comfort of a cosy fireplace? Look no further than Byredo Woods Candle. Inspired by the Swedish woodlands, there’s a greenness to the scent that feels fresh but doesn’t polarise the smokiness. It’s a clever scent that will have dinner guests asking for the name of your candle.


Jo Loves

Log Fires A Scented Candle, $71.50

Of course, legendary fragrance expert Jo Malone CBE would have a cosy candle in her line-up. Aptly named, this candle really does tick the box for recreating that roaring log burning scent - if you listen hard enough you can almost hear the crackling.


Boy Smells

Cinderose Scented Candle, $57.00

For more of a floral twist, look to Boy Smells Cinderose Scented Candle. Notes of rose, orange blossom and jasmine are beautifully intertwined with the warm, smoky woods and embers. It’s luxuriously elegant.


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Posted: Tuesday, 04 October 2022

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