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The Art Of Writing The Perfect Christmas Note

Writer and poet Charly Cox gives us a lesson in penning a thoughtful Christmas message…

There is nothing, no unthawed turkey or forgotten cranberry sauce more unforgivable at Christmas than a lacklustre greetings card. It’s a lump of coal with a fold down the middle at the bottom of your stocking – good for nothing except firelighter.

Guilty of scribbling last minute ‘To you and yours, from me and mine? Sick to the toffee-coated back teeth of finding less irritating ways of spouting Merry Crimbo? Or perhaps, furlough found you doing an online calligraphy course that you’re hell bent on showing off? Whatever it is, here are my fail-safe tips that will mean even the most inexpressive recipient sheds several tears (laughter or otherwise) without you having to get too saccharine.

“We seldom thank our friends enough or spotlight what we value most about them, this is the perfect opportunity to let them know.”

Via Pigeon Post

It’s been a difficult year for everyone, and Christmas is about joy - so keep the latter in focus to ensure the former is forgotten. Pick three successes the recipient has had that year – from their job, relationship or home life, not forgetting your friendship. We seldom thank our friends enough or spotlight what we value most about them, this is the perfect opportunity to let them know. Treat it as a letter of love. If you get stuck or gushing doesn’t come naturally, find a quote that’s apt for the year they’ve had.

Over WhatsApp

Sending your best wishes on the 25th can be both a Bucks-fizz breakfast and a stream of WhatsApps to best friends and your nearest and dearest. It’s a nice momentary distraction for both parties though, especially if they’re hiding in the loo on their phones clawing onto a moment’s peace. Send them your favourite anecdote of your friendship; something silly and sweet with a promise to recreate it as best you can in the new year. Knowing that good times have been had and will soon be had again, well, isn’t that what we all need to open this year?

Sliding Into DMs

If a Christmas morning WhatsApp has less pizzazz than a handwritten note, then a private message via Instagram is one step further removed. That said, it’s how the cool kids are interacting these days and the off-the-cuff approach takes the pressure off sounding too sentimental. Hold back on photos of your family in matching pyjamas and refrain from cliché hashtags #BoyDoneGood. Keep it short and sweet with a handful of festive emojis for good measure.

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