Bright and smooth skin awaits with Alpha-H skincare . . .

Bright and smooth skin awaits with Alpha-H skincare, on a mission to transform the skin and build its resilience. As a pioneer in liquid exfoliants, the cult Australian brand works to perfect the skin’s texture while strengthening the skin barrier. Get ready to glow with Alpha-H and their acid-packed formulas.

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19 Results
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High Tide Water Cream
Micro Super Scrub
Vitamin C Serum
Vitamin B Serum
Balancing Cleanser

About The Brand

Founded in 1995 by Michelle Doherty, Alpha-H is a skincare brand with 27 years of heritage. As someone who struggled with acne for a long time and received professional treatments to fight her skin troubles, Doherty created the Alpha-H line, boasting the exfoliating benefits of glycolic acid. The brand is now a global leader in exfoliating acids with the iconic Alpha-H Liquid Gold treatment, which is the perfect product to fill the gap between professional and at-home treatments.

Who Is It For?

Alpha-H is for those who are looking for effective acid-based skincare formulas to help boost their skin health and resilience, without compromising the skin barrier. With Alpha-H, you can say goodbye to bumpy skin texture.

Why SpaceNK Loves

We love that Alpha-H is the brand that set the scene for exfoliating acids in skincare, and is now a reference when it comes to treating stubborn skin with products like the Alpha-H Liquid Gold. If texture and breakouts tend to be an issue for you, Alpha-H will help boost your skin’s health and resilience and reveal glowing skin.