Our Best 5 Ouai Products

Inspired by runway looks, Ouai treatments provide you with haircare that’s affordable yet extremely effective. Our top 5 Ouai haircare products work to restore, condition and enhance the natural beauty of your hair. Your style will look effortless and even the most nourishing of these weightless conditioners will let your hair move naturally.





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Ouai Leave in Conditioner

To heal dry or difficult locks, spritz-on the Ouai Leave in Conditioner which also provides protection from heat styling. To make hair more manageable and less affected by tangles or frizz, it gives soothing hydration.

Ouai Wave Spray Travel Size

Our handbag-friendly Ouai haircare bestseller, the Ouai Wave Spray Travel Size mists on weightlessly to leave your hair with that casual windswept vibe. It includes rice protein for additional hold and leaves you with a softer mane.

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Ouai Hair Oil

An adaptable treatment that can help calm your frizz and repair split ends, the Ouai Hair Oil also provides smoothing benefits. Formulated with a nourishing blend of Asian borage, ama and African galangal, it gives colour and heat protection.

Ouia Repair Conditioner

 To nourish dry or damaged hair without weighing it down, the Ouia Repair Conditioner contains the brand’s Smart Technology Complex. Enriched with smart keratin, an amino acid blend and tamarind seed extract, it leaves your locks feeling silky soft.

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Ouai Repair Shampoo

Indulge your hair in a rich, hydrating lather, with the Ouai Repair Shampoo, a nurturing treatment infused with the brand’s Smart Technology complex. It leaves your hair feeling supple, conditioned and hydrated while also working to repair breakages.