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Ouai may have been created in Los Angeles, but its brand DNA is undoubtedly fuelled by that ‘je ne sais quoi’ vibe the French are so often adored for. The brand’s name is a nod to how Parisians say yes – casual, nonchalant and effortlessly cool. But, most importantly, it oozes coolness in a way that’s relatable and achievable.

This ethos is very much in line with the brand’s founder, hairstylist to the stars and beauty columnist Jen Atkin. After years of working her way up in the hair industry and achieving an impressive A-list clientele – the Kardashian-Jenner clan and the Hadid sisters to name-drop a few celebrity manes ¬¬¬– it was only natural Atkin would eventually use her extensive hair knowledge to create a haircare line.

Why We Love Ouai

Ouai hair products offer straightforward solutions for all your tress requests. From the Ouai Fine Hair Shampoo to Medium Hair Conditioner, these formulas celebrate every hair type. This approach also makes it much easier to shop for the best hair products for you.

Having expanded to fragrance and bodycare, Ouai is likely to have conquered your bathroom with its sulphate-free, kind-to-hair-and-skin formulas. But just in case you need a little inspiration, we’ve rounded up five Ouai hair products that your locks (and body) will love…

Best Ouai Hair Products



Detox Shampoo, £12.00

If you’re guilty of putting your scalp and locks through a lot of products, a reset will work wonders – especially if it’s with this clarifying shampoo (which can be used more than once a week if you feel like your hair needs it). It’s powered by hair-strengthening keratin and is perfect for soothing a dry or flaky scalp, as well as tackling oiliness. Another key ingredient? Apple cider vinegar, which helps lower pH and restore hair health.



Scalp & Body Scrub, £36.00

A scrub that leaves both your scalp and your body super soft and restored might sound too good to be true, but this smooth operator does it all. Fuelled by a probiotic blend of sugar and coconut oil, it’s powerful enough to give a serious refresh, and gentle enough to soften and balance skin’s moisture levels. Use it once a week and, for a truly sensorial experience, take your pick from the different scented versions.



Wave Spray, £26.00

Wavy-haired beauties: do you find yourself loving the way your hair looks when you’re on a beachy holiday… and spending the rest of the year trying to recreate it? While this salt-free spritz sadly can’t take you to the beach, at least it can make your hair look like it’s just stepped out of the ocean and dried in minutes (minus the sand and dryness). Use it on both wet and dry hair and let your waves run free.



Hair Oil, £26.00

Whether you’re fighting the frizz or sealing split ends, this Ouai hair oil is one serious multitasker. The gorgeous blend of African galanga root extract, ama oil and Asian borage oils ensures a sleek, high-gloss finish, plus protection against heat and colour fading. And if your hair needs extra hydration, use it as an overnight treatment. It’s a must for your beach bag too, as it’ll shield your locks from all that sun-soaked fun.



Thick Hair Treatment Masque, £34.00

Is your hair calling for a stint in rehab? This Ouai hair mask will help you wash away many a hair sin committed. Its ultra-rich, super buttery texture (a cocktail of hydrolysed keratin, lillipe and shea butter, almond, olive and macadamia oils) is a treat for dryness and breakage. In fact, you’re likely to notice a difference after just one use. And don’t fret if you have fine or medium hair – there’s a version for you too.


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Posted: Thursday, 03 August 2023

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