Day Moisturiser

What identifies a day cream? Well, they’re often lightweight and great for layering over serum and under your SPF. Day moisturisers usually include added protection against environmental factors, and many boast skin-perfecting extras, such as blurring pigments, glow-giving tints, mattifying textures and more. Some of our go-to brands include Tatcha, La Mer and Sunday Riley.


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Day Moisturiser FAQ

Day moisturisers are all about preparing your skin for the environment you’re about to face. All formulas include a dose of hydrating ingredients to help nourish and support your skin barrier, but some also offer broad-spectrum UV protection with antioxidants to shield your skin against environmental stress and pollution. There are day moisturisers that include blue light protection from screens too.

The biggest benefit of using a day moisturiser is the added hydration it offers your skin. Layering a hydrating face cream over your serum also helps to seal in the good stuff. Day moisturisers can prepare your skin for makeup, acting as a priming step before foundation. If you want to streamline your routine, you could replace your base makeup entirely (tinted formulas, we’re looking at you).

In addition to the main moisturiser ingredients – humectants, emollients and occlusives which help to draw moisture into the skin and keep it there), day creams often contain ingredients to protect skin against the elements. Some contain SPF to shield skin cells from the harmful effects of UV rays, while others call on antioxidants like vitamin C to protect skin against free radical damage.

A day cream is the one product everyone can and should benefit from, regardless of your skin type. Why? Because day creams help us retain the moisture levels essential for healthy skin. What’s more, a daily dose of skin protection which many day creams offer (through SPF, antioxidants, or both) can help shield your skin cells against signs of premature ageing in the long run.

Multitasking day moisturisers can do it all, but don’t neglect your other skincare steps. Particularly SPF. Layer this over your day moisturiser if it doesn’t already contain UV protection. And if it does? You may still need to top up that SPF throughout the day.