Emma Lewisham

Emma Lewisham

Experience Emma Lewisham’s cutting-edge skincare . . .

Experience Emma Lewisham’s cutting-edge skincare - where high-performing and natural ingredients work together to create luxurious formulas. This one-of-a-kind skincare line is pioneering circular and carbon positive beauty as the world’s first climate-positive and circular-designed skincare brand. Their range of evidence-based, natural skincare that works is suitable for all skin types.

19 Results


19 Results
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Illuminating Oil Cleanser
Skin Reset Serum
Illuminating Exfoliant
Supernatural Face Oil
Skin Reset Face Serum Refill
Skin Reset Eye Crème
Illuminating Day Crème

About The Brand

Founded in 2019 by Emma Lewisham, this skincare brand from Auckland, New Zealand represents a new frontier of natural skincare that is highly effective and safe for everyone to use. After a doctor’s visit to discuss her pregnancy, Emma learned more about the impact of ingredients used in skincare on our overall health. She then began doing her own research to understand how to make skincare work in harmony with our skin. It is led by science and developed by physiologists who understand how the nature of the skin works. As a certified B Corporation, the skincare brand puts an emphasis on caring for the skin and the planet with cutting-edge ingredients and climate-positive processes.

Who Is It For

With its innovative products, Emma Lewisham skincare is for those who are looking for luxurious formulas that will keep their skin balanced and nourished while also targeting their skin concerns. It’s all about being kind to the skin and the planet.

Why Space NK Loves

Thanks to a 360-approach to formulating products, Emma Lewisham is at the forefront of a new type of skincare. We love that there is a specific purpose behind each product with the aim of only using the best ingredients for the best possible results. Each Emma Lewisham skincare formula is a complex blend of some of the latest skincare innovations and the best plant compounds for the skin - such as the award-winning Skin Reset Face Serum.