The First. The Best. The Original; meet the ultimate makeup sponge...

The First. The Best. The Original; meet the ultimate makeup sponge. Loved by bloggers and professional makeup artists alike, the award-winning beautyblender’s elliptical shape fits into hard-to-reach areas, giving a streak-free, flawless finish.

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4 Results
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Beautyblender - Limoncello
Blender Cleanser Solid
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About The Brand

BeautyStat CEO Ron Robinson always stated that “The world doesn’t need another beauty brand” when asked about starting his own line. With over 20 years’ experience as a cosmetic chemist under his belt, it was only when an old colleague approached him with a new technology used to stabilise an array of active ingredients that Robinson succumbed to creating his own brand – BeautyStat Cosmetics.

Who Is It For?

Well-suited for all skin types, Beauty Blender is ideal for anyone looking for an effective line of skincare that’s rooted in the use of ingredients backed by science. Patented technology helps to create active products that work both fast and well, so you can feel comfortable and confident in your own skin – a philosophy that’s integral to BeautyStat’s mission.

Why SpaceNK Loves

Revolutionary, innovative and always backed by pioneering technology, it’s BeautyStat’s Universal C Skin Refiner that’s the star of the show. Our beauty editor’s love how the brand spent years working in the lab to formulate the world’s first vitamin C serum that contains a 20% stable and pure form of the vitamin. The concoction remains potent from the first drop to the very last.