Five Beauty Tweaks To Make In Your 50s

Five Beauty Tweaks To Make In Your 50s
Er… beauty over 50? Everything becomes more ‘errrrr’ with age. I’m talking ‘dri-‘er’, frizzi-‘er’, wrinkli-’er’, squinti-‘er’, hairy-‘er’, hormonali-‘er’ … is that a thing? Sure is! Fact is, rather than bemoaning age, I’ve decided it’s better to embrace the notion of ‘more’. Yes, I’m looking for the positives in ageing here. And they do exist: you know yourself and your face better these days; you aren’t a slave to impossible trends; and when ‘more really means less’, you now can use less products (investing in better quality instead) to help accentuate important features and create a look that suits YOU, and you alone. My advice: just aspire to be you and keep enjoying the process. Here are the five essentials that make everything less ‘errrr’…


Intense Night Oil - Rosehip and Retinoid, $192.40

Overnight Face Oil
I do all my best ‘repair work’ at night! I am committed to using botanical ingredients as much as possible in my skincare, so this incredible oil (crazy price but it’s amazing and a tiny bit goes a long way), with its combination of science and nature, has two of my two favourite age-defying R’s: retinol and rosehip oil. Upon turning 50 I became even more obsessed by nourishing face oils containing pure blends (this one contains grapeseed, avocado, apricot kernel and rose) that work wonders with all skins. Oil also gives the best slip for a firm lymphatic face massage. The easiest way is to apply face oil over cheeks, forehead, jaw and neck, create a fist and using the knuckle use tiny firm rotations on these key areas to help release stress in muscles and boost circulation.


By Terry

Baume de Rose Hydrating Sheet Mask, N/A

Anytime Moisture Boost
Whatever your age, a sheet face mask is one of those instant super skin boosters that instantly transforms skin from parched to fresh. They’re also not as messy to use as a cream and are hygienically sealed till needed! Since I am obsessed by rose oil – one of the best ingredients for mature skin – I love By Terry Bauer de Rose Hydrating Sheet Mask. This beautiful blend of rose damascena and black rose in antioxidant-rich vitamin E soothes, hydrates and moisturises. For the best sheet mask application, try adding a favourite active face serum underneath for 20 minutes: the mask temporarily seals the skin’s surface so ingredients have no option but to penetrate deeper for a massive boost.


Dr. Dennis Gross

Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum, $51.75

Lightweight Eye Care
I was always pretty good at applying eye gel and wearing sunglasses from young but inherit ‘my mother’s saggy eyelids’ I did! Sure, they’re the first place to show signs of age on your face, but the very worst thing for puffy or ageing eyes is to try to overcompensate with a rich eye cream. My fave eye serum is a super lightweight serum texture that instantly makes the skin around your eyes look smooth. Ferulic acid and retinol as a team help encourage the natural production of collagen which dwindles rapidly past 45. Great under concealer too, I apply just a little around the eye contours then press firmly all around the bony area which really wakes up the eyes.



Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel, $38.00

Always Raise A Brow
Nothing to me is more ageing than crazy, wayward brows: wiry, multi-directional and occasionally ‘white’ hairs have recently become a major obsession. Pass the magnifying mirror someone (‘coz that’s the other thing that goes… your vision!) My advice: either get yourself to a brow pro prompt or find an at-home alternative. This is a taming brow gel with a difference as its quick dry buildable formula with micro-fibres helps fill in gaps for a fuller shape without smudging. It’s fun to experiment with, comes in great shades, and as you gradually build product up, your brows never look heavily drawn on - too dramatic is very ageing.



Summer Solstice Cheek Duo, N/A

Gimme A Lift
Lastly, lift those cheeks! Sculpting and shaping your face with bronzer and highlighter is a great way to make skin look fresh and plumped up, and the result just makes any face look prettier. This sheer bronzer and highlighter in one palette has a golden shimmer like a sun kiss to the tops of your cheeks. Playing with light is far more flattering than going too dark, so add a subtle glow along the highest point of your cheekbones, then sweep the bronzer over temples, cheek contour and along the jawline to lightly shape.

Posted: Monday, 05 July 2021

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