BeautyStat's Ron Robinson Busts The Common Skincare Myths

BeautyStat's Ron Robinson Busts The Common Skincare Myths
There are certain skincare rules that we all know to follow like wearing SPF daily and always removing our makeup before bed, but there are also a lot of grey areas. If you have acne-prone, oily skin should you avoid face oils? Should we only use our retinol serum in the evening? Can a skincare product shrink your pores?

Ron Robinson is a cosmetic chemist with over 20 years of experience formulating beauty products. He’s also the founder of BeautyStat, the latest skincare brand to join the Space NK family. Ron is a stickler for using the most effective concentration of active ingredients and not overloading your skin with endless products that are packed full of fillers – BeautyStat Universal C Skin Refiner, $32.00 is the perfect example of this – and he doesn’t have time for marketing jargon. To us, he seems like the perfect person to dispel some of the most common skincare myths, so we put five to him. Over to Ron…

Myth 1: Face Oils Will Make Oily Skin Worse

“It depends. Oily skin needs hydration too, but some face oils might be too emollient and occlusive for oily skin types. As a rule of thumb, oily skin types should stick with hydrating products that are more humectant based, such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid, and only if they need more emollience should they try a lightweight, non-pore clogging face oil.”

Myth 2: You Shouldn’t Use Vitamin C & Niacinamide Together

“False. Vitamin C and niacinamide do play well together. They are both antioxidants that have similar benefits (but via different mechanisms of action). When used together, they can provide synergistic benefits especially when it comes to evening out skin tone and easing hyperpigmentation.”

Myth 3: You Can Shrink Your Pores With The Right Skincare

“False. You can’t actually shrink pores because their size is genetically pre-determined. Using products that help stimulate collagen can lead to firmer skin and using formulas with hydroxy acids that help to clean out congested pores may help to tighten the look of large pores.”

Myth 4: Washing Your Face Regularly Will Stop Breakouts

“False. Although washing your face regularly is important in helping to prevent breakouts, there are other steps you should take. Wearing sunscreen every day, not touching your face, and keeping your skin hydrated will also help prevent breakouts.”

Myth 5: You Should Only Use Retinol In The Evening

“It depends. Retinol can be very unstable when exposed to UV and can also make your skin more susceptible to sun burn, but it depends on the retinol serum or cream you are using. Newer formulations that use more stable forms of retinol might be fine for daytime usage. Either way, I recommend you use a broad-spectrum SPF 30 every day.”

Posted: Wednesday, 02 February 2022

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