How To Layer Your Bodycare

How To Layer Your Bodycare
We know the order we apply our skincare is just as important as the products we use. This is because the order in which we apply our products will either hinder or enhance their efficacy. The same is true when it comes to applying your bodycare. How many of us just slap on a moisturising lotion after a shower and call it quits?

Our bodycare routine becomes even more important during the cold winter months, so it's wise to consider the order in which you apply everything. “As we get into the colder months we have a tendency to forget about our body skin as it isn’t on show,” explains Christina Salcedas, Global Director of Education at Aromatherapy Associates. “However, it’s when we should really look after it so that when the warmer months arrive, we aren’t then in a rush to get our skin into good condition.”

Additionally, it’s important the products we use on our body also complement one another when it comes to their scent, so we can create that cosy, cocooned feel we all yearn for come autumn. Alex Goddard, Training Manager at Acqua di Parma UK, tells us, “Layering your bodycare products has many benefits and one of those is that if you use a product that matches or complements your fragrance, it will enhance its scent and longevity too.”

Step 1: Cleanse Gently

The first ‘layer’ to your bodycare routine mimics your skincare one. Choose the right cleanser; it must be effective enough to remove impurities, while gentle enough not to stress your skin. Christina tells me, “There is a good chance the cleanser you’re using could strip your skin’s natural oil production. Ensure your body cleanser is effective yet gentle, and SLS free. Your skin should feel comfortable after your shower, not in desperate need of rehydration.”

Try Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil, $82.00, which contains wild camomile, frankincense and petitgrain oils and quickly turns into a hydrating milk the moment it’s massaged into skin. It’s also SLS free and uses a coconut derived ingredient to create a rich and moisturising lather instead. Your cleanser should also lay down the background notes of your final fragrance. has a beautiful citrus scent and hydrates skin with Vitamin E, glycerin and Provitamin B5, so it can hold onto the scent for longer.

Step 2: Embrace Oil

“Our skin naturally produces oil to keep it soft and supple, however over time this production slows down so it’s vital for us to keep it topped up with a body oil,” explains Christina. “If you’re new to oils, apply one at night first and build up to using one after your bath or shower too.” Christina advises applying body oil before your moisturising lotion to maximise hydration. Look for an oil that contains the same family of notes found in the rest of your bodycare and your final perfume. For example, stick to just citrus or just florals. Both will benefit from a richer amber or smoky background provided by an oil. Olverum Firming Body Oil, $76.00 is excellent; it’s subtly scented with grapefruit and sweet orange. Massage into dry limbs after your bath or shower, or apply a thin layer to skin before getting into the bath to, not only scent your bath water, but help retain moisture.

Step 3: Maximise Moisture

Well moisturised skin is essential if you want your layered scent to last. But, if you want to amplify your scent, choose a sophistically fragranced moisturiser. For an intoxicating and memorable combination, apply Diptyque Fresh Lotion for the Body, $65.00. It is beautifully scented with orange blossom water and sweet almond oil, and while the lotion is still settling into your skin apply with its crushed pink peppercorns, cardamom, ginger and cumin, to your arms and neck. The scent will effuse whenever you move and thanks to its light, gel-like texture it feels imperceptible on skin.

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