How To Wear Short Hair Now

Awards season is an exciting source for hair and makeup inspiration as the red carpet is always awash with statement eyeshadow, bold lips and jaw-dropping hairstyles. This year however, there were decidedly less hair than we are used to seeing as instead of mermaid-like waves and tidy chignons, we were treated to short crops and grown-out bobs. As more women make their talents known in the traditionally male dominated entertainment industry, their hair has become shorter and more structural – and we welcome it.

Cutting away a significant amount of hair can be a daunting prospect but the right style can feel empowering and confidence boosting, not to mention it looks chic-as-hell and takes half the time to style. So, if you’re considering the chop, here are the three short hair styles that should receive your consideration…

The Pixie

As loved by: Zoë Kravitz

The ‘Big Little Lies’ star has been on our hair inspiration radar for some years now but her latest look, a neat and closely cropped pixie length that accentuates her petite features, has got to be our favorite. We do not subscribe to the rule of pairing your hairstyle with the shape of your face; like makeup, when it comes to hair, anything goes so long as it makes you feel great, and by deciding on the length, shape and layers, your hairstylist will be able to create a Pixie that is perfect for you.

The great thing about wearing your hair this short is that it makes way for some show stopping makeup; graphic winged eyeliner and punchy matte lipstick look even better against a low-fuss, minimal look. As for styling, texturiser is your friend; rub a small amount of  Ouai Dry Texture Foam between your fingertips and work it into dry hair in sections.

Styling Tip: Hair stylist Nikki Nelms took Kravtiz’s Pixie to the next level for the BAFTA awards in London. The result was a side parting on a high gloss finish and a subtle twenties-esq finger wave. Inspired? Use a paddle brush and a dime-sized amount of Briogeo Curl Charisma Frizz Control Gel to smooth the hair into place while using your index finger to coax the shape into a wave.

The Grown-out Bob

As loved by: Michelle Williams

A great bob is about as classic as it gets and while it is short, it doesn’t feel it because there are so many ways you can wear it making it almost as versatile as longer hair. Looking for your bob muse? It has to be Michelle Williams; a woman who has worn her hair in various short styles – including a Pixie – over the years. Her latest, grown out bob is slightly asymmetrical when worn on a side parting. This means you have a style that looks short and structural but the additional length on one side allows for more styling options. How severe you take the cut is up to you but to have it tuck neatly into the nape of your neck on one side, and skim your jaw line on the other, is universally flattering.

A bob cut looks great whatever your natural texture but it is also a style that can be blow-dried smooth with a gentle boar bristle brush like the T3 Volume 2.0 Round Brush. 

Styling Tip: Take your cue from William’s Screen Actors Guild Awards style and lacquer up the surface of your hair with Ouai Wave Spray and then use the T3 Whirl Trio and T3 Defined Curls Clip Barrel to create a glossy wave.

The Curly Crop

As loved by: Phoebe Waller-Bridge

In the final season of her acclaimed show ‘Fleabag’, Phoebe Waller-Bridge proclaimed, “Hair is everything. We wish it wasn’t, so we could actually think about something else occasionally, but it is. It’s the difference between a good day and a bad day. We’re meant to think that it’s a symbol of power.” She’s not wrong and she proved the power of a incredible hair at the Golden Globe awards where she paired sharp tailoring with a short crop of curls.

Waller-Bridge is evidence that short hair is versatile; you can wear it slick and wet-look as she demonstrated at the SAG awards, or you can wear it with a nonchalant edge as she did at the Golden Globes. The cut is crucial; at the back it grazes the nape of the neck while the crown and fringe has been allowed to grow longer.

Styling Tip: Waller-Bridge’s hairstylist Dennis Gots created her curls with a hairdryer and round-barrelled brush but that requires some skill. Keep things simpler with the T3 Tousled Waves Tapered Barrel and a small amount of Oribe’s Star Glow Styling Wax worked through with fingertips to create separation.