Our Beauty Predictions For 2022

Our Beauty Predictions For 2022
Rather than make-up tricks or fussy hairstyles to master, the beauty trends to look forward to in 2022 are all about you, with products that walk the line between grooming and self-care to make your at-home routine a genuine pleasure. Think clever, multi-tasking makeup, haircare that really delivers and ways to work wellbeing into your everyday life with ease.

Super-Natural Skincare

“Clean beauty is still a hugely relevant trend in beauty, despite the pandemic’s consumer push towards science-backed, doctor and drugstore brands,” says Lisa Payne, head of beauty at trends intelligence agency, Stylus. However, what we expect of clean beauty has evolved, with a move towards “supernatural”, results-driven formulas that combine natural ingredients with smart biotechnology (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is living proof that Rose Inc's bioengineered botanicals really work). On top of that, consumers are drawn to brands with responsible supply chains and eco-friendly packaging to ensure their beauty routines don’t leave an ugly footprint. “If brands are thinking clean, they need to now also think sustainable,” Lisa adds. Think Kypris Beauty, whose ingredients are sourced from small farms and co-ops around the world. Or Tata Harper, whose “farm to face” approach means formulations are all made on-site at the company’s Vermont farm.

The Rise Of The Haircare “Routine”

Forget fiddly up-dos or cuts that feel like a bad idea as soon as you leave the salon, healthy, well-cared-for hair is all you need for 2022. “I think the desire to take better care of our hair is very much pandemic-driven, and an extension of people taking better care of their health overall,” says Space NK buyer Charlotte Giddeon Powell. “People have been going longer between hair appointments and have had more time to learn how to better care for their hair, and we have seen sales in our treatment category grow year after year as a result.” Augustinus Bader’s luxe haircare line certainly fits the bill, while bond builders like and restore and replenish hair in need of TLC.

Makeup That Does Double Duty As Skincare

When it comes to makeup, it’s all about an amplified natural look - luminous skin that still looks like skin. “A key makeup trend we have been seeing for 2022 is lightweight foundations and glowy tinted moisturisers that enhance the natural look of skin,” says Charlotte. “This year we launched IT Cosmetics, and their CC+ Cream combines skin-loving vitamins with an effective colour-correcting formula that makes it a great moisturiser or foundation." Two new January launches deliver on both skincare and makeup fronts too: Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation, $51.00 is packed with hyaluronic acid, rose complex and coconut extract, while Hourglass has a very exciting product launching in the next few weeks that is game-changing for your makeup routine. It’s all about skin that’s as healthy as it looks.

Everyday Self-Care Hacks

If you thought our love affair with wellness and self-care was a fleeting trend, think again. “No longer a luxury, self-care is now a necessity. It’s also here to stay,” says Mandy Saven, director of consumer lifestyle at Stylus. “However, going forward, consumers will approach self-care in more strategic, efficient and creative ways.” Happily, brands have found ways to make caring for ourselves easy even when life feels hectic. “Where once self-care might have been a one-off luxury treat like a massage on your birthday, or a long bubble bath at the end of the week, we see self-care take shape as mini pockets of wellness throughout the day,” predicts Lisa. Look for products that combine the sensorial with the practical. This Works Deep Sleep Shower Gel, $26.00 turns your evening shower into a wellness ritual, whilst helps ground you wherever you are, when applied to the palms and inhaled. As Payne says, “Wellbeing is no longer a trend, but a lifestyle choice.”

Posted: Wednesday, 22 December 2021

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