The Healing Power Of Beauty

The Healing Power Of Beauty
Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter have changed the way we live and the way we all think. Last year’s Black History Month in the UK received more coverage than I can remember, and I expect it’ll be equally as successful in the US. While I can’t wait for the day when a designated ‘month’ is no longer needed, having one helps to shine a light on the shocking lack of knowledge. Hands up who has heard of Mary Seacole, a contemporary of Florence Nightingale? Mary, a Brit who was born in Jamaica, offered her nursing skills to the War Office during the Crimea War like Nightingale, but based on the melanin in her skin was refused. Not taking no for an answer she used her own money to go to the frontline and set up in a hotel and helped to save countless lives using her own funds and resources. Does the name Hattie McDaniel ring any bells? Hattie played Mami in ‘Gone with the Wind’ and was the first African America to win an Oscar for her role. She wasn’t allowed to sit with her co-stars though because of the melanin in her skin. And what about CJ Walker? AKA the first African American woman to become a self-made millionaire in 1911 by making and selling her own haircare. These are stories and images that are rarely told and shared, which is only helps to reinforce the negative narrative and stereotypes we have today.

Beauty Is A State Of Mind

How does this link to beauty to you might ask? 2020 was a year that a lot of us would like to forget for many reasons, but it also served as a purpose to open our eyes to those negative narratives and stereotypes of the past. I’ve always loved beauty and history; they have been my two loves growing up. They’re intertwined in other ways too. I find beauty to be healing and learning lessons from the past can help heal the spiritual wounds we carry today with social injustice. How we celebrate and nourish our faces and bodies says so much about who we are as a culture and society.

Choice Is Equality

Seeing is believing and it’s why I’m so proud to have partnered with Space NK with my The Glow Box. Growing up I never saw someone like me with 4C coils and a juicy West African body fronting a beauty campaign. It’s been a rarity in the 20 years I’ve worked in the beauty industry. I think everyone deserves to glow from the inside out and I curated my box to be full of products I love that can be used by all skin tones and skin types! As well as making me feel grounded and happy, they make my skin glow and my coils pop which always puts me in a good mood.

What’s Inside The Glow Box?

Chantecaille Pure Rosewater, $67.20

This is my go-to to hydrate my skin and calm my frazzled nerves. Rosewater has been used for centuries to soothe and hydrate.

I love using this as a highlighter, but on lighter skin tones it’s wonderful as a gilded eyeshadow look.

A thin layer of this radiance-boosting face mask twice a week helps to buff away dead skin cells and reveal my glow.

Five drops of this precious oil massaged into my skin is key to my healing ritual every night. I take deep breaths and gently press the oil into the skin to help boost my glow and leave me with that relaxed, blissful feeling.

Give thirsty locks a moisture boost with this magical duo. It’s great for all hair types in need of hydration.

By Terry Lash-Expert Twist Brush Mascara, $39.00

I love a gadget and this two in one mascara gives you both length and volume with a simple twist.

This mouth-watering lip balm is deeply hydrating, looks great on all skin tones and isn’t sticky.

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