Your Guide To Ampoules


Another skincare phenomenon inspired by the Korean 10-step beauty regime, capsules and ampoules are the latest essential to shake up your usual routine. Packed with active ingredients, these highly concentrated formulas are small but mighty. Not only will your skin reap huge rewards thanks to their supercharged formulas, the single-use packaging also makes them ideal for travel and fool-proof delivery.


What Forms Do They Come In?

These potent powerhouses present themselves in two forms. Firstly, there are ampoules – small, air-tight glass vials containing a specially-measured quantity of the chosen formula. Due to their potency and lack of preservatives, they are tightly sealed and consequently have a short shelf-life. Most offer one application per ampoule unlike other concentrates or serums. Next up, are individual capsules which, much like glass ampoules, give a one-off dose in portable portions.


What Are The Benefits?

The main benefit lies in their potency since the size of the product’s molecules are minuscule. This means they are far more easily penetrated into the skin to a deeper level, which therefore maximises results. Both contain a higher percentage of top-performing, active ingredients when compared with serums. Typically, they comprise of far fewer (sometimes just one or two) ingredients, hence their high potency and effective results. Less ingredients, alongside greater absorption qualities make addressing specific issues much easier.

The single-use packaging is another advantage as it not only ensures you don’t go overboard on application or risk waste, it also means your product is already decanted for travel with no chance of unwanted spillage, not to mention leaving more room for other beauty essentials. The nifty packaging also helps to preserve and maintain the efficiency of the product since unstable ingredients such as vitamins and enzymes can break down when opened and constantly exposed to light and air.


How And When Should I Use Them?

How often you should be using these concentrated capsules depends entirely on the formula inside and your skin type or the concern you are looking to target. Highly concentrated formulas should be used with caution since they can heighten skin sensitivity. Much like retinol, it is best to go slow and gradually build up a tolerance over time.

They are best used at night post-cleanse to gain their full potential so gently pat onto skin and allow to soak in before following with your regular moisturiser. To enhance their benefits even further, exfoliate before use. This will help to rid any dead skin cells which can hinder product absorption.

Best For Anti-Ageing

Eve Lom’s Age Defying Smooth Treatment capsules are enriched with a peptide and vitamin E complex to actively target unwanted signs of ageing, while also promoting skin elasticity and preventing the loss of collagen. The tiny gold orbs are also ideal for popping in your makeup bag for an instant skin pick-me-up anytime. Sarah Chapman’s Power A Renewal System is a slightly different concept in that it comprises 10 separate ampoules designed for daily use. The system works to repair and revive at night with a powerful combination of hyaluronic and vitamin A. For more sensitive skin, try applying on alternate days.

Best For Dehydration

Add instant hydration with these deeply moisturising Dr Sturm Hyaluronic Ampoules. The concentrated formula contains both long and short molecules for optimum penetration into the deeper layers of your skin. They are also ideal for use as an intensive treatment for extra thirsty, post-sun skin.

Best For Hyperpigmentation

Try Darphin’s Ideal Resource Youth Retinol Oil Concentrate for a smoother, brighter complexion. Each capsule is enriched with high-performance retinol to stimulate the skin’s natural healing cycle as well as creating a more even and luminous finish. Darphin have also counteracted the sometimes-drying nature of retinol with botanical oils such as argan, macadamia and jojoba.