Our Favourite Lash Transforming Mascaras

Our Favourite Lash Transforming Mascaras
Mascaras are a desert island staple for most, if not all, of us. When it comes to choosing one though, it’s fair to say we all want different things. From extra length for those with naturally short lashes, to more pronounced volume, definition, lift and curl. Here are some of our favourites that really deliver lash-transforming results…


Controlled Chaos Mascara Ink, $39.00

For Maximum Volume
With two concave sides and two flat, this uniquely shaped brush offers precise and controlled application to helps lift your lashes and create impressive volume. “I love this mascara as the formula super easy to build and it’s fast drying to help hold the curl,” says makeup artist, Zoe Taylor. “It gives a jet-black glossy finish and it never flakes. I always apply it deep into the root and brush through so the lashes look really thick and voluminous.”


Charlotte Tilbury

Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara, $20.80

For Lift Like No Other
A recent addition to the much-loved Pillow Talk family, this mascara is nothing short of incredible. Not only does the dual-sided wand (with two flat sides and two bristled sides) make coating each and every lash a breeze, it’s also tapered to follow the natural geometry of your eye for insane definition. “This mascara is my go-to for a few reasons,” says makeup artist, Lisa Potter-Dixon. “I love that you can really get into the roots to stretch and lift the lashes upwards and outwards. The pigment is also really dark so gives a super black coating.”



Unlocked Instant Extensions Mascara, $40.00

For Seriously Impressive Length
This mascara caused quite a stir when it launched with us last year – even Rosie Huntington-Whiteley named it her new favourite, but what’s so special about it? As the name suggests, it gives instant extension so if you’re looking for length, this is the one for you. It’s a tubing mascara, so it uses film-forming technology to add lightweight fibres to each lash. “This is the perfect mascara for every occasion as you can wear it lightly for a natural day time look or build it up for a more dramatic evening look,” says Cher Webb. Still want to know more? Read our full review here.



Climax Extreme Mascara, $35.00

For Extreme Effects
Consistently topping our bestsellers list since its arrival with us last year, this mascara is the amped up version of the original and iconic Nars Climax Mascara, $19.50. The chunky tapered brush uses ribbed bristles to create instant and dramatic volume like no other. "The extra large wand on this allows you to really sculpt the lashes with just one swipe for a bold finish that's never clumpy," says NARS' lead artist, Rachel Hardie. If volume is your main goal, this mascara will certainly become your new staple. Oh and there’s also , which is perfect for stashing in your bag for nights away.



Faux Cils Mascara Longest Lash Mascara, $78.00

For Naturally Great Lashes
Packed with a powerful blend of peptides, mineral salts, seaweed extract and rosewater, this mascara helps to nourish your lashes over time, as well as other instant volume. “The wax-based formula glides on easily and is easy to layer,” says makeup artist, Nikita Baffour. “My tip for extra glam would be to let the first coat dry before applying a second.”


Kevyn Aucoin

The Volume Mascara, $35.00

For True Definition
The poker straight, narrow brush offers unrivalled definition and the formula doesn’t clump or flake. This mascara is also great for those with smaller eyes or hooded lids as it’s not as chunky as some other wands. “When applying this, concentrate on the base of the lash root and then sweet outwards and upwards,” says Nick Lujan, Kevyn Aucoin’s Global Director of Artistry and Education. Nick also warns not to pump air into the mascara tube as this can dry out the product. Instead try twirling it around.

Posted: Thursday, 11 February 2021