Five Effective Yet Pampering Body Exfoliators

Five Effective Yet Pampering Body Exfoliators
Looking for a hard-working body exfoliator that delivers smooth results and complements your self-care ritual? You’re in the right place. Our edit of effective yet pampering exfoliators will leave you with baby soft skin and give you the mood boost we’re all so desperately in need of right now.

Dr. Dennis Gross

Alpha Beta Exfoliating Body Treatment, $23.50

The Fan Favourite
If you’re a fan of the original facial Alpha Beta Peel Pads you’ll be pleased to know you can now get the same exfoliating benefits for your body too. These handy all-over body towels are packed with acids, enzymes and bakuchiol to lift away any dead skin and reveal brighter and smoother skin from the neck down. They’re also great for pesky ingrown hairs and keratosis pillars sufferers. Simply massage into clean, dry skin post-shower and follow with your usual moisturiser.


Sunday Riley

Charcoal Smoothie Body Scrub, $19.26

The Thirst-Quenching Scrub
Packed with activated charcoal and salicylic and lactic acid, this exfoliating body scrub really helps to smooth out any bumps and rough patches and give skin a deep clean. With coconut water, avocado and jojoba seed oil, this nourishing scrub is also great for drier skin types. For the best results, massage it into your arms and legs when you’re in the bath or shower for one to two minutes before rinsing.


This Works

Stress Check Body Polish, $10.85

The Stress-Busting Skin Smoother
If the stress of lockdown is causing you to breakout, this 98% natural and vegan body polish will help to decongest the skin and tackle body acne. Alongside lactic acid and vitamin E, hemp-derived CBD helps to soothe and calm irritated skin. The inclusion of ylang ylang, lavender and neroli is an added bonus and helps to calm your mind. We’ve been using this twice a week as part of our evening routine to let go of the daily stresses.



Amethyst Body Scrub, $22.00

The Crystal-Infused Comforter
Another top pick for relieving tension and elevating your self-care ritual is this glittery (yes, glittery!) body polish. Crushed amethyst stones help to boost your skin’s luminosity, while magnesium-rich Epsom salts work to calm and relax you mentally and physically. This is another one to try after a hectic day for almost instant relief.



Renaissance Body Scrub, $46.48

The Feel-Good Confidence Booster
Talking of crystals, this body scrub also harnesses their exfoliating powers, but uses pink Himalayan salt crystals to help banish dull and dry skin instead. MSM and lots of other health-boosting vitamins, minerals, enzymes and omegas also help to leave skin smooth, soft and radiant, which Oskia’s founder, Georgie Cleeve says goes hand-in-hand with being body confident.

Posted: Thursday, 14 January 2021