Kevyn Aucoin's All-Time Bestsellers (And How To Use Them)

Kevyn Aucoin's All-Time Bestsellers (And How To Use Them)

The word ‘legendary’ gets bandied around too often, but Kevyn Aucoin is one of the few brands that is worthy of such high praise. The makeup artist painted the faces of all your favourite 90’s supermodels and celebs (Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Whitney Houston…the list goes on). It was his genius that brought contouring (or facial sculpting) into the beauty lexicon; a trend which shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

It was inevitable that his eponymous beauty line be nothing short of spectacular; his ever-versatile Sensual Skin Enhancer soon became a favourite among makeup artists and consumers alike. With so much brilliance to choose from, we’ve rounded up some of the bestsellers from the brand and enlisted the help of Nick Lujan, Kevyn Aucoin’s Global Director of Artistry, to share his tips on using them...

Kevyn Aucoin

Stripped Nude Skin Tint, $42.00

The Featherlight Base
A firm favourite on Instagram and TikTok, this clever base is perfect for achieving the classic ‘no makeup’ makeup look. The sheer luminosity lightly conceals imperfections without feeling heavy or looking cakey. Plus, it’s best applied with clean fingers, so you don’t have to bother with brushes.

Nick’s Tip: “Use your fingers to pick up a fair amount of powder blush and mix with a tiny amount of the skin tint on the back of your hand,” he suggests. “It creates a custom blended, natural-looking cream blush. Apply to the cheek and the temple - it’ll look glam and understated.”


Kevyn Aucoin

The Sensual Skin Enhancer, $14.40

The Multitasking Perfector
Is it a concealer? Is it a foundation? It’s both; this makeup workhorse can be used to cover, correct and conceal. The texture is buttery thick, and the coverage is full. You need a tiny amount to begin (less than a pea sized amount. Remember: in general, it’s easier to add on makeup, than to take it away).

Nick’s Tip: “This formula is my go-to for concealing dark circles as it has a brightening, luminous finish. Avoid opting for a lighter shade and instead, choose one that is as close to your natural skin tone as possible, for an undetectable finish. A shade that is too light can look ashy and unnatural.”


Kevyn Aucoin

Indecent Mascara, $35.00

The Lash-Lengthening Mascara
This mascara has a conical wand that is perfect for nestling into those hard-to-reach lashes in the inner and outer corner of the eye, for a fanned out, full lash.

Nick’s Tip: “After 28 days of consecutive use, you’ll notice longer, fuller lashes. The new formula contains clinically proven ingredients (mung bean and red clover extracts) that promote lash growth, and improve lash density over time,” says Lujan.


Kevyn Aucoin

True Feather Brow Gel Duo, $37.50

The Brow Filler
We’re obsessed with this brow pen. One end features a felt tip pen in a natural shade, which allows you to create hair-like strokes with expert precision; the other has a clear gel to set and condition brows.

Nick’s Tip: “Before applying the product, I recommend cleaning your brows with a cotton bud and a touch of water-based makeup remover. This will remove any skincare or makeup that has settled in brows, which will prevent the marker from adhering to the skin.”

Posted: Thursday, 29 July 2021

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