Best Wellness Buys

Whether you’re looking for something to support your fitness routine or help you get supple, more glowing skin, our rundown of five favourite wellness buys will help enhance your mind, body and soul.

best wellness buys


Welleco Nourishing Protein Tin Chocolate

Start your day with a scoop of this tasty supplement in your smoothie. Packed full of plant-based protein, amino acids, and tons of chocolatey flavour, it helps boost digestion and metabolism.


Ouai Dry Hair Supplement

Loaded with essential fatty acids, iron and vitamin E, one of these once a day for 90 days will help you on your way to shinier, healthier and more supple hair.

best wellness buys
best wellness buys


Votary Super Seed Supplement

It’s the nourishing blend of plant oils (including hemp, linseed, chia, pumpkin and raspberry) in this golden elixir that contributes towards stronger hair and nails and glowing skin. We like it in smoothies, soups and salads.


Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Gel

Had a hard HIIT class? Soothe aching gym muscles with a layer of this therapeutic ginger, rosemary, lavender and black pepper gel. Rub into sore areas and relish.

best wellness buys
best wellness buys


The Beauty Chef Glow Powder

Containing 24 bio-fermented and organic superfoods, a scoop of this sprinkled on to your porridge helps to keep your gut health in tip top condition and promote collagen production for luminous skin.