Christmas Candles Of Joy

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Bring good cheer and festive delight with these five candles…

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Space NK Shimmering Spice Candle

Perfect for creating a festive ambience, our much-loved Shimmering Spice candle welcomes a winter-inspired blend of cinnamon cedar and spice and even comes complete with a jewelled bauble design. There’s a reason so many religiously buy these every year…


Diptyque Protective Pine Candle

Fill your home with the fresh aroma of natural woodlands thanks to this aromatic candle with notes of pine, Siberian fit, basil, sage and cedar. The unique design makes it perfect for taking centre stage on your shelf and is designed to protect anyone who lights it making it a wonderful gift.

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Jo Loves Christmas Layered Candle

Unfold the story of Christmas with this layered candle containing three of Jo Loves’ best-loved seasonal scents. First comes fresh pine trees, then the smell of plum pudding and lastly the comforting aroma of a warming log fire.


Acqua di Parma Luce di Colonia Candle

Instantly light up any room with this sunny yellow candle which will infuse any space with Acqua di Parma’s signature Colonia scent of lavender, damask rose, vetiver and sandalwood. A wise choice for those seeking an alternative candle this Christmas.

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Diptyque Tubereuse Coloured Scented Candle

As sensuous as candles get; the classic tubéreuse scent is both heady and intoxicating making for a wonderfully decedent aroma. We are in LOVE with the deep red tinted, hand-blown glass container.