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Scented candles make great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, new homes, new babies, you name it. There’s something incredibly luxurious about unwrapping a Diptyque scented candle. They do, after all, take the top spot as the ultimate status symbol with the pretty ambient glow and fragrant-filled flicker taking pride of place upon every mantelpiece. Plus, treating someone to a home fragrance doesn’t feel quite as personal as a perfume gift set.

There are a lot of candle gifts to choose from though, which can make finding the right one tricky. Should you opt for fancy candles? Would you be better with a Christmas candle gift set? What are the best scented candles? Well, we believe the best candles for gifts must incorporate three things; exquisite looking vessels, a blend of oils that offers considerable burn time, and a seductively crafted scent that holds the power to transform your mood. The holy trinity if you will.

With this in mind, we’ve created a concise list of the best scented candles, including our favourite Christmas candle gift set. From tabletop delights to soothing bath-side scents, meet the best candles for gifts…

Best candle gifts to buy in 2023



1 Wick Bedtime Hero Scented Candle, $42.00

This is our go-to gift for pretty much any friend, new-mum or teacher who needs some relaxation. Also available as a three-wick candle, NEOM’s Bedtime Hero contains a soothing blend of cedarwood, chamomile and ylang ylang to help them relax and unwind after a long day.


Acqua Di Parma

Holiday Candle Set, N/A

Acqua di Parma’s Holiday Candle Set is a very impressive candle to gift (and to receive). From the elegant ornate packaging to the three luxury and Christmassy scented candles, this candle gift set will be very gratefully received by just about anyone on your list, especially the festive-scent lovers. We recommend you don’t smell it before gifting as you might not want to give it away…


Acqua Di Parma

Holiday Candle Set, N/A

If you want to play it safe, this is the best Christmas candle gift set in our opinion. Featuring a mini Acqua di Parma Bosco Candle alongside the Neve Fresca and Portafortuna candles. This luxury candle gift set allows them to create the perfect ambience for the occasion.


Boy Smells

Spiritous Candle, N/A

Those who prefer to take a subtler approach to the festive season should explore Boy Smells new scented candle line. Our favourite is the Spiritous scent which offers up a full-bodied blend of balsam, ginger, saffron and vetiver. There are glimmers of Christmas, but there’s so much to enjoy with this scent that you’re swept away with joyful expectation of what’s to come next.


Floral Street

Wonderland Gift Set, N/A

Peony is known for its calming powers and Floral Street’s Wonderland Peony gives the floral note an uplifting, fruity twist with guava, berries and lemon. If you're browsing for candle gifts for her - whether she's a friend, partner or wife, this gift set will allow her to enjoy the scent as a fragrance and candle.


Space NK

Shimmering Spice Candle, N/A

Get the festive feels flowing long before 25th December with the iconic Shimmering Spice Scented Candle. The blend of cinnamon, spice and all things nice will set the tone in your home for the next couple of months. It’s the perfect treat from you, to you now autumn is in full swing.


Tom Ford

Bitter Peach Candle, $136.50

If she wears Tom Ford Bitter Peach as a fragrance, this is one of the best candle gifts for her this year, we promise. With a creamy, rich vanilla base intertwined with peach, blood orange and cardamom, it's a scented candle she'll burn all year round.



Sapin (Pine Tree) - Classic Candle, N/A

A roundup of the best candles to gift would not be complete without Diptyque's Sapin Scented Candle. The classic pine scent sets a refreshing, soothing tone that will carry them (or you) into January 2024 seamlessly.


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Posted: Friday, 06 October 2023

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